Monday, May 05, 2008


I got to speak with an adoptee today who is also a homeschooling mother. We talked about homeschool stuff. We also talked adoption. We talked about how it made us both feel. I find it interesting that neither one of us like to acknowledge our own motherhood. Our kids are so excited about it. Our husbands are thrilled to acknowledge our motherhood. We just can't get excited about it.

We talked also about how we both have serious trust issues. I still do. I don't trust anyone with my kids easily. Its hard for me to give of myself completely. Its hard for me to just cut loose.

I don't want to bash the mothers out there. If I never have a relationship with my natural mother, I have Sandy, Betsy and Janice to gladly act in her place. I love them as much as I love my own natural mother. They are equals to my own adoptive mother. They have kept me sane when I didn't feel sane especially when it comes to adoption issues.

Its hard for me to honor my own motherhood when my own natural mother won't acknowledge her motherhood with me. I feel that its the adoption industry that has done it to her. Even my own adoptive mother recognizes her as my mother. One's motherhood would not exist if it hadn't been for the other. Sometimes its a bitter pill for my adoptive mother to swallow but she does swallow it. She also wants me to rejoice in my motherhood.

I love being a mother. With it though, comes responsibility. I owe my daughters honesty and truth of their beginnings. I owe them the truth of their conception. Age appropriate of course.

The adoption industry treats women as breeders. Their children are the pups/kittens that line their pockets. They want this kind of thinking to continue. Just because a woman relinquishes doesn't mean she stops being a mother.

Let me give you an example. We have cats and kittens here on our little spread. These kittens have all known their mothers. In fact, one of our cats would help one of the other mothers with her kittens. Vice versa as well. We would never dream of separating these cats and kittens. We have a three sibling group. They are two sisters and a brother. Each alike and different. They are however their mother's kittens. I see their mother in them. These cats are a family along with the other cats. We usually have to bring a male cat from another area to make sure that we don't have inbreeding. These cats help keep the snake and rat population down. We honor their heritage.

The adoption industry does not however honor the heritage of adoptees that they profit off. They don't want their secrets revealed. It does not matter if any member living adoption gets hurt in the process. Adoptees in my opinion pay hell in many ways because of their actions. I would like them to pay hell. Will it ever happen? Not now but hopefully in the future.

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