Monday, May 05, 2008


I was winding my evening down. I wasn't even planning on writing another post. I was watching CMT. Hoping to see the video, Life in a Northern Town. I don't know why that song gets to me but it does. I have to wonder if my natural mother listen to it when it first came out.

I watched something so freaking triggering on a Rascal Flatts video. They show a lot of Red Cross Workers in the movie helping and saving people. Then a scene comes with a couple sitting outside in a waiting area. Along comes a child of Asian decent. I realize and almost gagged. It was about adoption of this child. This child saves this couple. Oh My Gosh. Adoption just permeates everything doesn't it? A child saving a couple in a video about saving other folks. I will never listen to another Rascal Flatts song EVER AGAIN. I was totally revolted by all of it.

Rascal Flats YOU SUCK! You should have talked to an adoptee first before throwing that bit into a music video.

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