Sunday, May 04, 2008

Adoption Horror Stories Becoming More Frequent

Why is it always about the adopters? What about the adoptees?

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Elizabeth Jurenovich said...

Oh, my. I must be getting terribly cynical in my old age; I watched this clip thinking, ok, if it's really all about the child and how sure they are that this is meant to be their son and what they want for him, why doesn't this couple give up their life here and move to Russia to be with him there? (Ridiculous as it may sound, they're expecting this poor kid to give up his homeland and his entire life there, so what's the difference?!) AMREX has been a snake in the grass for years and ethical adoption pros know that facilitators are just baby brokers so why is it not considered child trafficking, when a WA agency pays a GA broker to arrange a placement for a NY couple? I don't find this story heartbreaking, I find it nauseating.