Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Here is another story of adopter abuse. Don't tell me that these are few and far between. There is another case in Florida right now. That father was allowed to adopt again. I am not saying all adopters are this way. Its enough, though, to realize that there is an issue going on with the industry. The adoption industry is looking to make a buck. They don't care about the adoptees, the natural parents, nor the adopters. They just want your money. It needs desperate reform. Adopters don't want to make those changes because they want that proverbial child first. They might consider the changes then. I am your adopted child all grown up. This really sickens me how people are treating children as commodities. We have to stop this.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Father who allegedly locked kids in basement pleads guilty


THE CASE: A Colorado Springs couple was arrested in late 2006 on suspicion of child abuse and false imprisonment, both misdemeanors, for allegedly locking their six adopted children in the basement.

The four boys and two girls, then ages 7 to 16, were taken into custody by the El Paso County Department of Human Services at the time. Colorado Springs police alleged the children were mainly locked up overnight in the basement of a house in the 5400 block of War Paint Place to prevent them from taking food from the pantry or running away.

THE SUSPECTS: William Fam, 60, and his wife, Samia Fam, 49, were each charged with 12 misdemeanors.

WHAT'S NEW: William Fam pleaded guilty Monday to a single count of negligent child abuse causing injury. He was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and take anger management classes, and was put on unsupervised probation for 24 months. The conviction is deferred, which means if Fam successfully completes probation his record will be wiped clean.

"This case was blown out of proportion," said Fam's attorney David Foley. "As we delved into it and did a more thorough investigation, it was not as alleged."

The children had food, clean clothes and access to a bathroom, Foley said. Samia Fam had previously pleaded guilty to a single count of child abuse, negligence with no injury. She got six months of unsupervised probation and also received a deferred conviction agreeme

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