Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If this doesn't give you pause, then I don't know what does. Brazil has introduced a bill that allows anonymous birthing in order to prevent adoption. This just sickens me. Now the entitled adopters will be rushing to Brazil. I hope that Brazil toughens its laws on international adoption before they put this into place. Hopefully they have learned from Guatemala and Vietnam.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Anonymous birthing law proposed to prevent abortions in Brazil

.- A Brazilian lawmaker has proposed legalizing “anonymous birthing” to allow women who do not want to or are unable to raise a child to give birth without identifying themselves and to give the child up for adoption, in hopes that such a measure would reduce the number of abortions and the frequency of infant abandonment. A woman who opted to remain anonymous would be free of all legal and civil responsibilities for the baby.

Representative Eduardo Valverde of the Workers’ Party said the purpose of his proposal is to create a legal alternative for mothers who have no intention of raising their children without excluding them from the free prenatal services offered by the public health system, which he believes should create a special program for women in these situations.

According to the plan, the adoption of the baby would be fast tracked in order for the baby to given to a family eight weeks after birth. Before that time, the parents or family members would be allowed to request custody. The entire adoption process would be handled by the hospital.

The identity of the mother would only be revealed by court order or because of a genetic problem. “With her identity kept secret and a fictitious name, the woman would be able to give birth with all of the necessary healthcare conditions,” Valverde said.

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suz said...

that is revolting. disgusting. heinous. omg, that made me throw up in my mouth.