Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I spent the last couple of days speaking with adoptees. I had heard two very interesting stories from Coleman adoptees.

One adoptee that I have been in email contact for a few years now told me that her mother signed paperwork allowing her daughter full access to the records held by Coleman Adoption Services. The adoption search specialist (known as an A.S.S.), Katrina Carlisle, knew this information. She refused to turn over the records to my friend. My friend had gotten information from her adoptive parents. She got a different bit of information from Katrina, the A.S.S. Sorry I love to say that. It gives me such giggles. My friend then contacted Omni Search who did nothing for her. She had heard my horror story and went the way of Kinsolving. They found for her in three days. She had all of her information. Thankfully, this is a good reunion. It was not further destroyed by Katrina Carlisle. The interesting part to all of this is that none of the information given to her or her adoptive parents was true. The agency and Katrina Carlisle intentionally lied. I have to wonder if Katrina Carlisle intentionally embellished the information to make sure that she went off on the wrong track.

Another adoptee, the first male Coleman adoptee that I have ever spoken with sent me an very very interesting email. You see at age 18 he attempted to attain his records. His parents were sitting quietly in the lobby of the agency. He was escorted out by security. Interesting consider his email. He has a letter in his possession from the executive director of Coleman Adoption Agency. The letter states that he and his adoptive family can have made available for any further need his original birth certificate. Hmmm that is two people in one day proving that this presumed natural mother privacy is just that a fallacy. This agency promised access for the adoptee, the natural parent and the adoptive parents even back in the sixties. I sent this bit of information to a Indiana legislator who is looking into possibly creating a bill for adoptee access.

Another interesting part of the email was also interesting and disturbing. I think and feel that its very much likely the truth. It reflects how even then adoption was about the money and not the child. The original placement agreement states that "it is understood and agreed that said Foster Parents may, at any time within one year from date hereof, and before said child is legally adopted return said child to the Agency if the child is found unsatisfactory, or if for any reason said Foster Parents decide they should not keep xxxxxxxxx,"

I spoke with a member of CUB and AAC recently. She told me a horror story. A Coleman mother was asked if she wanted her child back because her child was ill. If however she took that child back, she had to pay all of her expenses back, medical, her stay there at the home all of it. I also heard that certain A.S.S.'s don't like following through and actually make the call to our parents. They just like to take our money and tell us that we have been refused.

This person also told me that she didn't think that Indiana would ever open these OBCs to adoptees. She said that hell would freeze over first. Well I think hell is going to be receiving a strong ice storm soon. We have a couple of legislators that are bull headed enough to do something about it.

I also heard that my A.S.S. (giggle) is now accepted the contract from the Child Welfare Department of Indiana to conduct their searches for $1000.00. That sure is a pretty nickle. Hey adoptees if she is charging you that much, screw that and go to Kinsolving. They will do a better job and put the ball in your court to control your reunion. You are better equipped to handle the reunion anyway.

Hopefully we will put this woman and Kristin Lucas out of a job soon. Indiana really needs to regulate the CI system. They are out of control. They don't answer to anyone. The CI system needs to go and let us adult adoptees control our own relationships and papers.

Join us at the Adoptee Rights Protest and fight back Indiana adoptees. We can do this.

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