Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of my advertisers didn't like the content of my blog. I don't know if its the writing itself or if its the fact that I blog about the negative side of adoption. The Morrisseys and the Safe Haven nuts always preach if it saves just one. Well if it saves one adoptive parent, one natural parent and one adoptee, then I am going to do it.

The adoption industry is wholely unregulated. They in other words police themselves. I personally think that they don't do a very good job of it. One just has to google adoption agencies in the news to see what I am talking about. There have been several adoptees injured or killed in the last several weeks. There are still stories running wild about natural parents losing their children to the adoption industry. Of course, the loudest stories are the adopters who have lost thousands of dollars in dealing with bad agencies. These agencies just shut down and open up another one someplace else just like the Claar Foundaton. How many players from the Amrex bankruptcy will show up someplace else?

The adopters are the ones that have the money. They are the ones that are adding to the corruption of the system. I know all those poor children who need homes. At what cost to the adoptee aka those children? It doesn't even matter what country. All adoptees end up losing in the long run. Yes I know you can try to love all those wounds away. Can you really though? I don't think so. I was loved greatly by my adoptive parents. I can bet money that there is some doubt in the back of my adoptive mom's mind. I think she wonders if their adoption of me was really legal. They got no paperwork, my natural parents got no paperwork, and I certainly have not seen any paperwork. That is how Suemma Coleman Home for Unwed Mothers now called St. Elizabeth/Coleman operated. I don't know if they still operate this way or not. Despite all their love, I still hurt and ache over my adoption. I have memories. Memories which have terrified me for years. They still do to this day. I think that is why I live out in the country. I don't have to deal with sirens. I don't have to worry about trusting a neighbor with something.

I had to take something to the post office today to be mailed. The clerk mentioned something about illegal immigration. To be honest, it helps and supports my arguments against the way adoption is practiced in this country. Everyone's paperwork and documentation is being gone over with a fine tooth comb. There will be more adoptees who will be kicked out the country. I just posted about an adoptee from Brazil. He was sent back. He had spent most of his life here in the United States. Because his adoption paperwork wasn't done right, he was sent back to a country where he no longer speaks the language. So how can he find a job? How can he support himself? Adopters you need to be very aware of this. Believe me this could happen to those children that you so lovingly adopted.

Adoptees are going to continue to have problems. As time goes further and further, more and more of our American rights will be denied. We won't be able to prove our American citizenship. To me, the fallacy of the "birthmother" privacy no longer matters when it infringes upon my American citizenship. The clerk basically said when a "birthmother" gave away her rights, she gave away the adoptee's rights as well. I like really like her way of thinking on this. Adoptees have to prove their American citizenship in order to get a passport. How can they when the records are sealed? Adoptees have to prove their American citizenship when they join the military. How can they when the records are sealed? Now when an adoptee wants to vote they have to prove that they are American citizens. How can they when their original birth certificates are sealed? The fallacy of "birthmother" privacy is beginning to violate the rights of American citizens because they are adoptees.

There is no such thing as "birthmother privacy." There has been no legal document ever presented in a court of law with this so called promise of privacy. The right to privacy is about the right to be free from governmental intrusion. If anybody's right to privacy is being intruded upon, its the adoptee. We are not allowed to have a copy of a document that accurately records our birth based on the circumstances of our birth. Our fourth amendment rights are held in seizure based on the presumption of harm. Oregon and New Hampshire have taken the jump. Neither state has had single issue of stalker adoptees.

As adopters, do you want your child's rights to be violated in the future? Seriously, the way that the adoption industry is going adoptees are becoming mere products that will be bought and sold. You the adopter see it as having your own child; however I the adoptee and millions of others like me see it as human trafficking or even slavery. Are adoptees mere product or are we human beings that should be afforded the same rights as everyone else?

The way I see the sealed records system is anti-adoption. Just like Baby Love Child and the Daily Bastardette and many others that I know. They don't protect anyone when the adoptee is a child. They sure as heck don't carry over to help the adoptee when they have become adults. In fact, they are punitive to the adoptee and their families. We are all sentenced for crimes that we have never even committed. These laws protect the adoption industry.

As time is moving forward, I have noticed that some states are actually putting in to their bills little clauses. These clauses remove the potential for lawsuits. They don't allow the adoptee nor the natural parents to stand up and sue the crap out of them for the damage that the industry has inflicted on them. The natural parents will no longer be able to make the country aware of what they did in the baby scoop era. In fact, what they are doing now to this day. Natural mothers and fathers will never get their justice. I don't think that is fair.

When do you start standing up? When they have eliminated all of the rights of the American adoptee? When they have started to come after women's rights? When they have started to come after a mother's rights? Its time people to stand up and make a stand. When adopters are having hell proving that their children are in fact American citizens, isn't it time to unseal those birth certificates? I won't let my rights be violated anymore. I suggest you stand up and do the same thing.


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Just click on one of the links for the payperpost. I am actually making decent wages doing this. I started on April 30th. I have made four hundred dollars so far. I have been told by other bloggers that it is a legit organization. They work with you in getting the posts approved and they are looking for. I spend two to three hours a day doing it. I keep all the rest of my posts on adoption going. I just put them in between.

For me its important that I stay at home for my girls. I am homeschooling and working at the same time. This is something that really works for me.

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