Saturday, May 03, 2008


It looks like Laura McCann won. She actually won. The natural parents took a huge victory with this case. It should be the entitled adopters on alert. Here is the link to read the case on this forced adoption.

The decision of the judge:

JUSTICE BEATTY: In this adoption case, the prospective adoptive parents, John and Jane Doe, appeal the family court’s orders: (1) revoking Laura McCann’s (the biological mother’s) consent for adoption because it was involuntarily entered; and (2) finding the revocation of the consent would be in the best interest of the child and placing the child back with McCann. We note both the Does and McCann love and take excellent care of the child. However, our review of the evidence supports the family court’s decision to revoke McCann’s consent to adopt and to return the child to McCann.

The adoption should have never been allowed to happen because the woman's boyfriend had died in a car accident, she lost her father to cancer, the pregnancy was a result of rape, and the mother hid the pregnancy as a result. The mother very obviously didn't have the support she needed to make a qualified decision. She didn't have all of her options available to her. That is coercion. I don't know how adopters can keep a child from the mother. They do though. Maybe this court case will send a message to them.

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