Saturday, May 03, 2008


For me this is going to be on and off topic. I have had many issues hitting me all at once. Its dang near impossible to find a job that pays enough to feed my family, pays for gas, and daycare. Summer requires my girls have full time care. An issue came up with one of my daughter's school. I basically pulled both of my daughters out of the school district. I checked into the other district that my daughters are eligible to attend. I didn't like that one either. I know that they don't have the best rating for school districts. So now my brain is getting fried with not just adoption stuff but also getting homeschool curriculums. There is so much information out there on both subjects. I feel like I am running around with my head cut off. I have realized that they have been teaching the standardized testing in their schools. I feel like that is teaching my daughters to be drones. Every child that I have ever known that was home schooled is now graduated from high school. They all seem like they are excelling at college. Maybe there is something to this homeschool thing.

In order for me to make money, I have to advertise a few things online with my blog. They will become my sponsors. I get to pick the stuff that I like to advertise. Keep in mind that its feeding my family and helping us take our vacation in New Orleans. I am doing this to keep off food stamps and other such welfare items. I will still bring quality articles about adoption and issues relating to it onto my blog. Just keep in mind that I am doing everything I can to support my family. I have to be something of a slut for a while. If you are interested in doing the same thing. Click the link below and you can do the same thing.

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