Friday, May 23, 2008


I had read about this story on a couple of sites. Prospective adoptive parents are getting way out of line. Its hitting people in places that are just below the belt. All I can is shame on these PAPs for attempting this with someone who has a family who supports her. You are being too aggressive just to satisfy your own needs.

Here is the story and the link.

EVERETT, Wash. - J.D. Ross and Julie Moore are expecting their first child.

The young woman who is five months pregnant was waiting tables at a Mill Creek restaurant Monday night when a table of 12 adults ordered a round of cocktails.

After they left, she opened the bill holder to get the tip and also found a card inside that read:

We wish to adopt a baby. We are a caring, happily married, financially secure and loving couple. We want to share our joy and love with a child.

The card included the names of the couple and phone numbers.

"I was just shocked because they didn't say a word to me about being pregnant, ask me how my pregnancy is going or ask me if I was pregnant or anything," said Julie.

"I thought it was really creepy," said J.D.

Both say it was a rude slap in the face.


Julie Moore was offended by the offer.

"I don't wear a wedding ring at work. For them to assume I'm not married or that I'm working in a service industry that I maybe couldn't afford to have a child, I don't know, I felt there were too many assumptions there," said Julie.

The couple on the card has not returned any of KING 5's phone calls.

We also called the attorney's number on the card and asked for "Joan," then learned that Joan does not exist.

Seattle adoption attorney Albert Lirhus says the couple that handed out the card are his clients. He said, "If people call our office and ask for Joan, then the phone answerer knows the call is a priority."

As far as the card is concerned, he said, "We haven't had any negative response to this method."

J.D. and Julie sympathize with parents looking to adopt, but the way this went down troubles them.

"It's way out of bounds, it's not right. It's not how you go about it," said Julie.

The attorney says many couples looking to adopt post fliers or ads to get the word out that they are trying to adopt a child. But he says they usually do not go to specific people and he calls this incident "unfortunate."

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I can't help but wonder if Julie Moore being a "white" girl with blond hair had anything to do with it... somehow, I'm guessing that card isn't just left with every waitress that "caring, happily-married, financially secure and loving couple" encounters. How nauseating.

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