Thursday, June 05, 2008


You know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you and me. I have desperately tried to keep a low profile for the sake of the protest and those involved in the adoptee rights protest. Its not DAR. It is the adoptee right protest. That has irked me from the get go. BASTARD NATION MEMBERS remember this could happen to you. I am a member on Bastard Nation as well as the legislative committee.

Sabina and Marley have both been slinging alot of mud at me, the adoptee rights protest and others. I REPEAT. I DID NOT SEND ANY EMAILS FROM A PRIVATE LIST TO A THIRD PARTY unlike Sabina who has posted it to her blog and Marley who has been directing everyone to her blog. I did however tell the director of an agency that there were issues that I did not fully understand with the donation. That is no longer an issue and it has been resolved. How its been resolved is no one else's business by the adoptee rights organizer. Its her name that is on the paperwork.

What Marley and Sabina would have you believe is that I was working undercover for the adoption industry, namely one agency. I have explained in detail to even Ron in an email. I HELPED A COUPLE OF THE BOARD MEMBERS OF THE AGENCY SEARCH FOR THEIR FAMILY. SOMETHING I DO FOR EVERYONE IF I CAN HELP. I did not take any payment for such services. I refused payment. I am not on anyone's pay roll except for Pay Per Post. I search for others because I can't find on my own. It gives me great joy to help others reunite. HOW DARE MARLEY AND SABINA DIRTY SOMETHING THAT WAS GIVEN TRUE OF HEART? IT WAS A NATURAL MOTHER THAT I HELP REUNITE WITH HER DAUGHTER. I HELPED AN ADOPTEE FIND THE CURRENT ADDRESS ON A SIBLING.

Here is the interesting part. Go to Bastard Nation's facebook. I dare you. The agency involved is on THEIR FRIEND'S LIST. On their facebook, they are asking for donations. There is nothing I mean nothing restricting an agency from donating to their organization.

Marley knew that the agency had donated to the protest all ready. This little cloak and dagger game that Marley and Sabina are playing is just that cloak and dagger with no substance to back it up. One day all of the emails will be published in chronological order.

The agency director didn't tell me about the facebook page until May 28th. I have the email to prove it. I mentioned that they were raising money for the protest. I didn't know the full details of what they were doing until May 29th when I actually looked at the facebook at the time I posted about it. I mentioned to the agency director that evening that there were some issues with the donation. I REPEAT I DID NOT SEND ANY EMAILS FROM ANY LIST TO THE DIRECTOR. If I did, Bastard Nation would really be in a heap of trouble. IF they aren't already. As far as I can see, Bastard Nation is slandering their name and my name. Who has case now? Even though Sabina is just a lifetime member, Marley has been directing folks to her blog. Marley is the executive chair to Bastard Nation. Sabina is also known to be Marley's best bud. Maybe Marley should be telling folks that she and Sabina are blasting everyone. They are taking information from a private board and posting about it. No one from that board has even posted on their blogs about it. Marley even went to the OriginsUSA activism list to get the mothers stirred up. They know her tactics and are not playing the game. They evidently knew that Marley didn't really like the mothers. I didn't know that until just recently.

You see I also have a sitemeter and statcounter at the end of this blog. I know that I am basically being stalked by both of these women. I do appreciate the traffic and the increasing of my stats. It makes me look good. I do have both of your ips. Marley hit my blog 13 times yesterday. Sabina has hit it at least 26 times in the last three days.

I have had it. I know that I won't be encouraging others to join Bastard Nation. Their leader likes to attack her own members. How many others will thinking the same thing by the time this protest is done. Bastard Nation pulled out on their own before the agency issue ever came up. That is the only reason why another member of the protest even brought the suspension of the protest to the board.

I have thought about this over and over in my head. Why would they sabotage this protest? Its not just me that they are hurting. They don't want to be the bad guy in this. So what if they don't have money? It happens to all of us. They figured that they would sling the negative mud first as to thwart all of this. Then when it looked like they would be the bad guys with members of the adoptee community, they took it elsewhere.

It was a first time experience for a few of us. Others of us had family issues. Bastard Nation had no money nor any organization. Those are the real reasons why this happened. They had already pulled out long before this discussion ever came up. We by the way have proof of that. All will come out in time.


Gershom Kaligawa said...

We all know they turn on those who disagree with them, but now we know they turn on those right by their side also.

BTW amy, did marley ever even ASK you what happened?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it Amy - I just don't get it. If they are so mad at you for your supposed involvement in this "scheme" why are they punishing everyone involved in the protest and further diminishing the cause for open records for all adoptees?

If they had a problem with you they should have taken it up with you and left everything else alone.

They keep using this excuse as a way to get out of looking bad for not fulfilling their end of an agreement.

Personally, as an adoptee who IS pretty anti-agency myself - I gladly welcome ANYONE who wants to further our cause to stand beside us.

This isn't an US vs. THEM issue - this is an US issue. It's time for something to be done to further the cause for US and if more agencies were willing to do that this wouldn't even be an issue anymore.

Dawn said...

Yikes...I do not really understand this entire thing as I have not followed your story long enough and only know "of" Bastard Nation, but I am sorry you are going through this experience. I think it is unwise to compartmentalize people into THEM vs. US when it comes to adoption. Sounds trite - but when we are divided...we are conquered. We certainly need the agencies to listen and support more ethical adoptions and fight for for the rights of all triad members. I often wonder why the ethical agencies don't unite and stand up against the corrupt money-hungry "facilitators" to shut them down and eliminate the perverse element. I also wonder why they do not work toward professionalization as Babb recommends. Anyway, once again, I am sorry for your unfortunate experiences with BN at this time. :)Dawn

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. You held Marley in such high regard, I can imagine your devastation. I'm sorry.

I have long thought that all members of the triad and those outside it (myself included) should be united somehow. I'm sorry those in leadership in the movement take issue with progress and inclusion and don't believe others care.