Monday, June 23, 2008


The adoption underground is in an uproar over this issue. We all have wondered how the community is going to treat these girls. These girls from Gloucester Massachusetts made a pregnancy pact together. They wanted to raise their children together. Okay key word here being raising their children together. Adoption is not mentioned. They don't want to give their children up for adoption.

The Associated Press put out this news report on it. CNN has also reported on it. It is a very hot topic right now. I have heard people blaming Jamie Lynn Spears for this. Granted right now there is no confirmation of this pact. It really makes you wonder why these young teens would make such a pact. There was even a rumor that one of these girls got pregnant via a homeless 24 year old man. Again all through these stories there is no mention of adoption.

I got this in my google alerts. Someone wants to throw in adoption as an option. Do I smell profit in this? You bet I do. This woman is from Chicago and she wrote to the local Gloucester newspaper. YUCK YUCK. She wrote this as a letter to the editor.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Adoption is an important option

New life is a wonderful thing, but raising a child requires, in most cases, more than a high school student can handle.

I am writing from a town outside of Chicago in hopes that any of these children, having children, might understand how hard life is, without adding to their challenges, and offer their children up for adoptions. As a happily married couple without children, my husband and I would be honored to raise any of these newborn children in a stable, loving environment — as many other couples would, too.

The decision to conceive is an easy one, but conception does not make a father, mother or family — it is but one part of the chain.

Another part of the chain is responsibility. A child still thinks mostly about himself or herself. The passage into adulthood requires the ability to look at a broader picture, and sacrifice for the good of most. Not every child needs a "perfect" childhood, full of every opportunity available. But children do need so much more than one 16, 17 year old high school young adult can usually give.

Giving up your child for adoption is a courageous, noble and wise deicision. Contact a service in your area, or me at

Good luck in whatever decision you make. The gift of new life is a treasure.

Rhonda Dehn


What a greedy wench!!!!!!

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