Sunday, July 13, 2008


Russia has currently only named only one adoption that has been banned. It is the European Adoption Consultants. This has been in the Russian newspapers. I am currently checking into it some more to find out information for adoptive parents. I need to understand the current accreditation practices. There is only two organizations that have the ability to do accreditation. One of them is the COA and the other is the Colorado Department of Human Services. As far as I can tell from their website, only five agencies are accredited through them. None of them are the 22 agencies listed on the JCICS list. They will fight to keep this quiet. I am sure prospective adoptive parents are being contacted as you read this.


Dawn said...

Hi Amy! Russia has its own way of "accrediting" agencies from the US. In other words - even if an agency is accredited by COA here, they may not meet the standards that the Russian government has set and they have the right to refuse them. I will look into that for you and try and get info. :)Dawn

AngelaW said...

The Russian Government suspended Cradle of Hope and Family and Children's Agency on June 27, 2008. So these 2 agencies plus EAC would be the 3 adoption agencies mentioned in the earlier articles as suspended.

For Americans doing Russian adoption there are 2 forms of accreditation. Their US based adoption agency must be Hague Accredited. This is the type of accreditation you are talking about.

This same adoption agency must also have a presence (office) in Russia. I believe they have to be a registered Russian charity (but this restriction could have changed). And the Russian government investigates them for accrediting.

So far the Russian government hasn't posted on their web site if EAC is suspended. Their name has just shown up in some Russian news articles. We should have official news (aka from the Russian government) by Tuesday.