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It is bad news indeed for American adoption agencies practicing adoption in Russia. Three of them have been banned. American media has not been providing any news coverage. It was in the Russian news media that one of them was the European Adoption Consultants, Inc. Here is the current list of agencies accredited in Russia according to the JCICS. After reviewing this list, I realize that we have quite a few bad guys on this list. The other two agencies were supposed to have been only temporarily banned.

There are two accrediting organizations. One of them is the COA. The other is the Colorado Department of Human Services. They only accredited five agencies that I can find so far. None of them are on this list.

The COA accredition application and approval fees are as follows:

New Applicant Application Fee is $675.00
Approval fees are done according to how much the international program revenue:

Up to $500,000 is $6,850
$500,000 to $800,000 is $8,500.
$800,001 to $1,600,000 is $10,000.
$1,600,001 to $3,200,000 is $11,000.
$3,200,001 and above is $12,000

Annual fee is $800.00
Temporary Accreditation Fees
One Year is $1,800
Two Years is $2,480
Site Visit Fee
Per Evaluator Per Day First Two Days is $1,200
Each addition Evaluator Per Day is $225.00

The Russian news media has released the name of one of the adoption agencies which is the European Adoption Consultants. There is another tidbit that gives an identifying clue.

“The agencies to be banned from working on the territory of the Russian Federation include a representative office that violated the requirements of Russian law on swiftly informing us of the death of an adopted child.”

ABC Adoption Services, Inc.

ABC Adoption Services, Inc. is run by Susan Fox. Their former director, Gloria Reiske earned only $48,204. They paid subcontractors $56,871. They spent $40,161 in advertising. They earned $86,050. Their placement fees earned $63,703. Their total program revenue is $223,162. They are members of JCICS. I didn't see this organization on the COA list.

Adopt-A-Child, Inc.

Adopt-A-Child, Inc. operates out of Pennsylvania. Sofiya Girel, a Russian native, is the Executive Director. They are members of the NCFA and the JCICS. There was no GuideStar report on this organization. They have been in operation since 1992. They were not on the COA list.

Adoption Associates, Inc.

Adoption Associates was established in 1990. They are licensed in Connecticut and Michigan. They are currently not listed on the COA list but they say that they are accredited and members of JCICS, COA, And the NCFA. According to Guidestar, their gross receipts for 2006 were $5,435,534. Their placement fees were $788,311. Their home study fees was $3,070,810. They paid $163,869 in "birthmother" expenses. Their advertising costs were $414,490. Their Executive Director, Jane, Bareman made $127,904. H. Richard Van Deelan made $84,240.

Highest paid employees:

* Ming H. He, case worker, made $84,325
* Paula Springer, Office Director, made $80,551.
* Nancy Cannon, Office Supervisor, made $67,294.
* Betsey Zdonek, Case Supervisor, made $55,790.
* Thomas W. Gill, Development, made $53,258.

An interesting note is that Adoption Associates also has an office in Russia. It is headed by Kirill Yarusov.

Adoption Center of Washington

Adoption Center of Washington operates out of Virginia and Washington,D.C. Linda Brownlee, Executive Director, serves on the board of the JCICS. Their program revenue was $550,617. They provided orphanage support at Phan Thiet Vietnam for $29,094. According to their placement contract, all fees that are paid are non refundable. Adoptive parents can not sue past, present, and future for any reason. They can't hold the agency responsible for actions of other agencies involved in the process. They too are not on the COA list as being accredited. Their employee list includes the following:

* Cathy Bottrell is the Director of Social Services
* Eileen Rafferty is the Homeworker Social Worker
* Amanda Colton is the Senior Intern
* Jun Li is the China Coordinator
* Thao Pham Loc is the Vietnam Coordinator
* Nicholai Ivanitsky is the Russian Coordinator

Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together is licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. They began operating in 1990. They are a JCICS member. Their program revenue is $3,279,022. They received $85,578 in government grants and funds. Their international programs earned $583,619. They spent $17,175 in lobbying costs to provide resources for government agencies in foster care adoptions. They contributed to the If Not US fund ($125,332) and International orphanage relief ($39,772). Jane Goldwater, Executive Director, earned $106,618. Dawn Musgrave, Assistant Director, earned $98, 788. Their highest paid staffers:

* Susan Ogden Saidman, Domestic Director, earned $67,974
* Irene Jordan, International Director, earned $54,534.
* Sandra Rappeport, International Director, earned $58,983.
* Scott Perkins, Development Director, earned $54,914.
* Erica Moltz, Assessment Director, earned $54,914.
* Anne Polasko, Guatemala Program Social Worker, earned $85,700.
* Cheryl White, Contract Social Worker, earned $65,175.

Alliance for Children

Alliance for Children was founded in 1974. They are licensed in Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Massachusetts. They state that they are part of the JCICS and COA. They are the founders of the AFC Foundation which provides funds for Russian orphans. Again they state that they are accredited by the COA but the agency is not listed on the COA website. They have also started an international surrogacy project out of Mumbai, India. The president/CEO of this agency is Filis Casey who earned $80,000. J.Robert Casey is married to Filis Casey and is a clerk for the agency and the board of directors. Their revenue earnings were $2,858,506. Their placement fees were $1,611,415. Their home study fees were $254,975. Their highest paid employees and staff:

* Jin Lin, Assistant Program Director, earned $53,731.
* Michael Rich, Vice Chairman and Partner (also owns the agency property) earned $27,500.
* Xiaozeng Wu, married to Weihang Chan, Program Director, earned $56,538.
* Weihang Chan, married to Xiaozeng Wu and Program Director, earned $5,769.

Anytime that there are marriages or personal relationships inside an agency makes me suspect them of misdeeds. They will cover each other more so than any other organization.

Catholic Social Services / Diocese of Charlotte, NC

Catholic Social Services/Diocese of Charlotte, NC.operates their international offices out of Ashville, NC. Guidestar doesn't have any information on this organization because they are considered a Church and thus not required to file a IRS Form 990. They have been in operation since 1948. They do have offices in Russia. Their staff members are Carol Meyerriecks, Katrina Neal, and Michele Sheppard.

Children's Home Society & Family Services

Children's Home Society & Family Services was founded in 1889. They are COA accredited. Their gross revenue was $29,667,551. Services fees were $10,204,585. International fees were $5,145,250. Government fees earned from contracts was $3,451,867. Are you gagging yet? Before you continue, wipe your screen because it gets worse.

Highest Paid Officers:

* David Pilgrim, Vice President of Adoptions, earned $106,124.
* Kimberly Ericson, Vice President of Finance/Administration earned $91,951.
* R. D. Brown, Vice President of Family Services, earned $87,527.
* Judy Meath, Vice President of Human Resources, earned$86,755.
* Julie Manworren, Vice President of External Affairs, earned $86571

Highest Paid Contractors:

* Asnake Amanuel Ayasie was paid $1,109, 334.
* Eastern Social Welfare Society, Korea, was paid $920,015.
* Social Welfare Society,Korea, was paid $612,600.
* Gary Cohen, California, was paid $393,145.
* Oleg Klimkovski, Russia, was paid $380,012.

They paid $21,658 for lobbying expenses. Madonna King, President and CEO, was paid $190,451.

Christian World Adoption

Christian World Adoption is licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina. They are members and accredited by JCICS, COA, and the NCFA. They operate the Christian World Foundation. They were established in 1996.

The Christian World Foundation information is first. They received $1,127,643 in gross revenue. They received 461,976 from the adoption agency itself. I did not find any information on the orphanages that they support or the good deeds that they have done. Their staff on this organization. Tomilea Harding and Robert L. Harding are married to each other.

* Tomilea Harding, CEO/President, earned $94,949 from this organization.
* Robert L. Harding, CFO, earned $79, 074 from this organization.
* Anita Thomas earned $52,003.

The Christian World Adoption agency and its information next. I want you to remember the above information. The gross receipts were $7,204, 683. Their program fees earned $6,263,262.

Contracted Service Providers:

* Oscar Robles, Attorney earned $566,076.
* Mirella de Werner, attorney, earned $532,805.
* China Center for Adoptive Affairs, facilitators, earned $330,340.
* Luis Armando Gonzales, attorney, earned $180,000.
* Enrique Gonzales, attorney, earned $133,780.

The adoption agency gave its own foundation $650,000.

Their paid officers earned the following:

* Tomilea Harding, CEO, earned $94,949 in pay and benefits from the adoption agency.
* Robert L. Harding, CFO, earned $79, 074 in pay and benefits from the adoption agency.
* Anita Thomas, officer, earned $52,003 in pay and benefits from the adoption agency.

Their program revenue came from these areas:

* Russia International fees earned $732,473.
* Ukraine International Fees earned $69,944.
* Agency fees earned $2,333,995.
* Guatemala International fees earned $1,685,348
* China International Fees earned $797,808.
* Romania International Fees earned $10,000.
* Peru International Fees earned $8,730.
* Civil Affairs fees earned $95,152.
* DNA testing fees earned $36,509.
* Orphanage Relief fees earned $168,977.
* Kazakhstan International fees earned $371,978.
* Kyrgystan International fees earned $68,900.
* Mongolia International fees earned $2,500.
* Home Study fees earned $200,779.

The Cradle

The Cradle was established in 1923 and licensed in Illinois. They received $5,857,128 in gross receipts. They also received $339,682 in government funds and grants. Their service fees earned $2,324,815. They also received $2,848,471 from their Cradle Foundation. They also run the Cradle Family Resource Centers along with the Cradle Foundation. Keep an eye on the finances again. Several members are paid from the The Cradle adoption agency and from the Cradle Family Resource Centers. They gave $16,439 in humanitarian aid.

They have several married couples on their board of directors.

* John F. Dix is married to Paula Dix.
* Addison Hoof is married to Rose Ann Hoof.
* David Mason is married to Margaret Mason.
* Ardythe Sayers is married to Gale Sayers.
* Paul Uhlenhop is married to Virginia Uhlenhop.

Their Officers:

* Julie Tye, President, earned $57,901.
* Michael Phnner, Vice President-New Ventures, earned $40,590
* Merrilee Hepler, Vice President-Human Services/Administration, earned $32,003.
* Linda Hageman, Vice President-Social Services, earned $113,202.
* Ellen Giudice, Vice President-Finance, earned $24,601.
* Joan Jaeger, Vice President-Marketing, earned $29,725.

Highest Paid Employees:

* Vickie Dufour, Executive Director, earned $87,251.
* Victoria Brooks, Director of Nursing, earned $66,577.
* Judy Stigger, Director of International Adoption, earned $67,694.
* Susan Vernon, Director of Family Services, earned $70,935.
* Jane Page, Director of AP Clinic, earned $ 68,055.

Their Paid Contractors:

* Susan Garner Eisenman, Legal Services, earned $67,316.
* Starcom Worldwide, advertising, $269,585.
* Bottom Line Management/Gruen Marketing, advertising, earned $119,329.

Additional funding paid through the Cradle Family Resource Center for these individuals (This includes pay compensation added with the benefits):

* Julie Tye also received $131,221.
* Merrilee Hepler received $86,687.
* Joan Jaeger received $66,984.
* Ellen Giudice earned $82,807.

The Cradle Foundation was established in 2003. Their gross receipts was $7,185,021. Brook Voss, President, earned $145,026. Jennifer Merdinger, Senior Development officer, earned 103,959.

Highest Paid Employees:

* Hugh Mathis, Senior Development officer, earned $92,425.
* Bonnie Krasney, Events Manager, earned $63,916.
* The Alford Group, Inc, consulting, earned $53,476. This organization was the foundation's contractors.

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc.

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc. already has a mark against them in my book. They network with St. Elizabeth/Coleman. St.Elizabeth/Coleman does their homestudies for their clients in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. Their gross receipts were $1,212,810. They started out their fiscal year in the hole by $225,699. They had $610,820 in adoption fees. They earned $28,178 in homestudy fees. They gave $12,200 in humanitarian aid to orphans. Their Executive Director, Linda Perilstein, earned $139,371 in pay and benefits. According to a commenter
they were suspended on June 27, 2008. So time will tell which agencies were banned.

Creative Adoptions, Inc.

Creative Adoptions, Inc has two offices. One of them is in Colorado and the other is in Maryland. They are members of the NCFA and JCICS. For international adoptions, an prospective adopter has to contact the Maryland office. Its interesting that there are only three paid employees between these two offices. This agency has offices in Moscow and Kingston.

In Colorado, their gross receipts were 567,382. They started out at a loss of 220.00. Adoption fees earned were $440,298. Geri K. Glazer, Executive Director, earned $54,087. Margaret Bachrach earned $28,988.

In Maryland office, their gross receipts were $355,696. Their program fees earned $302,605. They paid independent contractors $97,389. Philippa Street, the Executive Director, earned $76,500.

European Adoption Consultants, Inc. i

European Adoption Consultants is one of those agencies banned in Russia. They are out of Ohio. Here is the information on this agency. Their earnings were $7,809,150. They performed 657 adoptions. Those numbers don't add up. Granted this information is for 2006. They still don't add up.They list themselves as being members of JCICS and COA but the COA doen't have them on their list of accredited agencies.They donated to humanitarian aid to orphans in the amount of $273,713. Their foreign program expenses were $1,467,305. They subcontracted services out to the total of $1,087,217, Their homestudy costs were $208,884. Their total revenue earnings were. $7,809,150. This agency was also the agency that placed Logan Higginbotham with adoptive parents who killed him. This agency gets a little stickier. Their employee/staff list is:

* Margaret Cole, Executive Director and Mother to Trustees, earned $194,000.
* Patricia Sikora, trustee and daughter, earned $47,477.
* Karen Cole, trustee and daughter, earned $46,179.
* Lisa Ayyash earned $57,772.
* Veronica Zaharia earned $57,772.

Families thru International Adoption

Keith Wallace runs the Families Thru International Adoption. This is the agency that began the process of the adoption of Masha Allen. One of his employees, Chris Huber, is also on the board for Focus on Adoption, Jeannene Smith's new reform group. Keith Wallace is also a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. They operate out of Evansville, Indiana. Their gross receipts were $3,136,938. Their program fees were $2,821,186. They gave $146,684 to their Childvision program. They also gave $28,500 in humanitarian aid. They boast of a huge staff but there are only four paid employees through the agency. They have official offices in Russia and Vietnam.

Their highest paid employees:

* Keith Wallace, President/CEO, earned $102,188.
* Maureen O'Conner, Director of Administration, earned $75,975.
* Tina Ji, Associate Director, earned $77,046.
* Chris Huber, Director of Program Development, earned $61,991.

Family & Children's Agency, Inc.

Family &Children's Agency operate out of Connecticut and New York. They have been in business since 1942. They are COA accredited. They do domestic, foster, and international adoptions. They also provide counseling for infertility. Their gross receipts were $9,229,648. They received $2,232,841 in government contracts and grants. Their adoption service fees earned was $1,327,059. They earned $2,347,814. This is the other agency that was banned according to a commenter in a previous post. Tuesday will be the day that we find out more information.

Their Board of Directors earned the following:

* Robert Cashell, President/CEO earned $146,161.
* Rocco Rosetti, Vice President, earned $105,484.
* Virginia Weir, Vice President, earned $83,822.
* Theda Tucci, Vice President, earned $109,183.
* Patricia Marden Kish, Vice President, earned $87,652.
* Irene Cronkright, Vice President, earned $97,910.

Highest Paid Employees:

* Marilyn Lewis, Director, earned $79,788.
* Maura Rhodes, Director, earned $66,403.
* Sonya Rich, Director, earned $69,447.
* Roberta Smith, Director, earned $66,788.
* Yunfang Zhang, Manager, earned $66,453.

Their only contractor, Kathy Sacco, Adoption Counselor, earned $76,972.

Frank Adoption Center

Frank Adoption Center operates out of North Carolina and Maryland. They are members of the JCICS. They place 82 children in 2006. Their gross receipts were $1,049,476. Program Fees earned were $1,046,690. They also run the Frank Foundation Child Assistance International. Michael Mazo is the son of the President, Nina Kostina. Their Maryland office ceased operations on 12/31/2006. The Frank Foundation Child Assistance International assumed all liabilities. Their former director at the Maryland office earned $59,689 in 2006. Michalina M. Miller, Executive Director earned 55,625. They placed 82 children in the North Carolina office. Gross receipts totalled $1,049,476 with their program fees totalling $1,046,690. There doesn't seem to be pay compensation for the other employess other than the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors of Frank Foundation Child Assistance International:

* Nina Kostina, President, earned $276,056 along with the 56,200 from the agency and $95,000 from a Travel agency she owns, Cleo, Inc, TA Enroute Travel.
* Natasha Mishina, Vice President, earned $117,563.
* Michael Mazo, Vice President, earned $40,480.
* Julie Horgan, Vice President, earned $91,534.

Their highest paid employee was Elena Zelenove,Coordinator, earned $52,127. They also have two other adoption agencies called For the Love of a Child and Adoption Options. The President, Nina Kostina, also runs a travel agency, Cleo, Inc TA Enroute Travel.

Happy Families International Center

Happy Families International Center operates out of New York. They are members of the JCICS and NCFA. Their program fees were $274,925. Their gross receipts were $468,561. It doesn't state what the relationship is between the two paid individuals:

* Natasha Shaginian Needham, Executive Director, earned $37,500.
* Daniel Needham, Treasurer, earned $36,161.


MAPS is a domestic and International adoption agency. They operate out of Maine. They are also accredited through the COA. They donate through humanitarian aid with emphasis on Global Education & Orphanage Partnerships, Family Stability Programs, and Medical Services and Partnerships. They only gave $96,943 in humanitarian aid. They placed 127 children in 2006. They began operating in 1977. Their gross receipts were $5,878,419. Their program fees were $3,938,138. They also received $309,569 in government funding and grants.

They operate under the following names:

* Maine Adoption Placement Services
* Adoption Resources
* My Choice
* Stepping Stones
* Maine Children Maine Families
* Maine Families Maine Children
* MAPS International of Boston
* Maine Aid and Protection Services
* Adoption Resources of Maine International
* MAPS International

Their staff and employees:

* Stephanie Mitchell, Executive Director, earned $114,994.
* Gayle Knee, Director, earned $76,709.
* Peter Lennon, Chief Financial Officer, earned $66,359.
* Luetta Goodall, Director of Social Services, earned $64,014.
* Kristen Hirsch, Director of BAN, earned $55,283.
* Betsey Bewsey, Director of International, earned $52,246.
* Contracted services were paid $1,347,593.

Nightline Christian Adoptions

Nightline Christian Adoptions began operating in 1959 in California. They specialize in domestic, international and Snowflake (embryo adoptions) adoptions. They are members of the JCICS and the NCFA. Ronald Stoddart, Executive Director, is their only paid employee ($113,261). They paid in foreign program fees $367,975. They paid outside services in the amount of $118,153. Their gross receipts were $1,940,068. They earned $1,241,824 in program fees earned. They spent $116,324 in humanitarian aid. They also have the Nightline Foundation. There isn't a current IRS Form 990 for 2006. So they must not earn more than $25,000 in the last few years since their last filing was in 2002.


World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) was established in 1976 in the state of Washington. In the year 2006, they placed 305 children. Their total revenue was $6,049,337. The placement fees brought in $3,474,461. Senator Paul Shin was on their board for a while. Nice to know that legislators on the board of adoption agencies. We know what their thoughts and opinions are. They spent $172,626 in advertising. They provided $550,639 in support for children. Phil Rosnik, VP and General Manager for Goodrich Corporation is on the board. He also has donated funds to the Children's Home Society. The board has two attorneys and one psychiatrist on its board.

Highest Paid employees:

* Lillian Thogersen, CEO, earned $88,000.
* Christopher Logan, Development Director, earned $64,000.
* Kristine Leander, Communications Director, earned $62,065.
* Peggy Moncrief, Operations Manager, earned $52,000.
* Mary Duncan, European Program Director (Now VP of Development and Communications) earned $52,000.

Wide Horizons for Children

Wide Horizons for Children was established in 1974 in Massachusetts. They also have offices in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Angelina Jolie is on the board of Advisors which is a majority of adoptive parents. Their gross receipts were $7,735,546. Their programs fees earned was $6,922,766. They received $20,813 in government grants and funds. They paid $1,008,725 in humanitarian aid. They paid $3,793,938 in salaries and wages. Their president and CEO is Peter Leppanen who doesn't earn anything from the agency.

Highest Paid Employees:

* Sheng Lin, Program Coordinator/Trans earned $82,228.
* J. Miller, Director of NY Region, earned $70,037.
* E. Dullea, Human Resource Director, earned $72,956.
* R. Discipio, IT Director, earned $85,874.
* S. Mraz, Program Director, earned $67,891.

Highest Paid Board Members:

* Lucy Hulse, Chief Financial Officer, earned $81,581.
* Vicki Peterson, Director of External Affairs, $104,216.
* Janice Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer, earned $86,561.

Highest Paid Contractors:

* Holt Children's Services (Korea) for adoption services earned $1,443,050.
* Ana Marie Giron Rieckof (Guatemala) for adoption services earned $481,000.
* Dr. Tsegaye Berhe (Ethiopia) for adoption services earned $430,139.
* Alma Beatriz Valle Flores De Mejia (Guatemala) for adoption services earned $429,000.
* Rose Maria Vides Estrada (Guatemala) for adoption services earned $333,500.

World Child International

World Child International is licensed out of Maryland. Their agency is run by Sherrell Goolsby. As their CEO, she earns $60,000. Their Russian contact/liason is Yaroslav Panasov. As of 2006, they were operating at close to a million dollar loss. This agency was also brought up on RICO charges. Their agency was working with Child and Family Adoption. Two of their employees stole that agency's director's license, company letterhead, and client files. They began to operate under his license without the authority to do so. Both of these women plead guilty. They did state that they did this under the direction of Sherrell Goolsby and Carl Jenkins, the attorney for World Child International. I guess this was never proved. They received $575,941 earnings with donations. Their total expenses were $881,2589. They had a previous year net loss was <$596,883>. Their loss was close to $900,000. I don't know how anyone can run a business at a loss like this. By the way Carl Jenkins, Sherrell Goolsby, and Yaroslav Panasov are still working together in this organization. I think for prospective adoptive parents that this should be a buyer beware.


Anonymous said...

This is AngelaW... I manged to forget my password.

Russia hasn't signed the Hague International Adoption Treaty, therefore American adoption agencies doing Russian adoptions... They don't have to be accredited in the US for Hague treaty adoptions.

They can be, if they want... But they aren't required to do so.

The list of countries who have signed the Hague treaty is here.

Any adoption agency working in these countries must be Hague accredited.

Amyadoptee said...

Wow I didn't know that Russia wasn't a Hague country. Russia does its own accreditation of adoption agencies according to Angela in another comment on a previous post. I hope that I did a good job researching these agencies. As more comes out, I will publish more or you can find it on the Daily Bastardette.

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