Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I know its been hot as hell here in Texas. I have to wonder if the heat has been this bad any where else. Is the moon out maybe? Is there a new moon coming? I worked for the Vernon State Hospital. I also worked for AT&T Wireless. In the two weeks prior to a full moon, people just seemed to get nuttier and nuttier.

Adoption news is quiet right now. Not much is going on with it. It is usually this way every year. I have noticed this for the last three years running. It will pick up in the fall. In the mean time, we all have seemed to have turned on each other.

I have been very blessed in who I have spoken with this past week. It really made my week so far. I finally have help in Indiana. Someone who is really excited and anxious to get started in Indiana. That in itself lifted my spirits.

I spoke with another person who gave me inspiration for this post. What is it about adoption reform? My friend is right in the sense that we act like a splintered family. It seems like we have made great strides but then we fall back again. We even have resorted to shooting ourselves in the foot time and time again. Why? Is it really that fun to hurt one another? Is it really that important to be absolutely correct if its at the expense of others?

When I started this road, I never expected to become the activist that I am today. I never expected to have any kind of readership. This was just supposed to be about my reunion. Sadly it has not happened. Although I will always hope for it, I am finally okay if it doesn't happen. I won't lie to you. It still hurts but I am good with that hurt. It reminds me that I am alive. It keeps me compassionate towards others on this trail with me.

I realized long ago that we have to unify. United We Stand, Divided we fall. Being in both unions and the U.S. Army has taught me that. It has also taught me that no man gets left behind. Along this road I have met many wonderful folks. The many adoptees are just awesome. The mothers are kind, healing, and loving. The adoptive mothers have all been supportive.

If we want adoptive parents to change, I feel that I owed it to them to show them other options. If we want to change adoption laws, we must work together.

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