Friday, August 22, 2008


Interjecting religion into adoption is a topic that bothers me. All forms of adoption currently practiced in America is based on human judgement and human choices. I don't believe that it has anything to do with Godly choices.

In the recent year and half, I have been watching some bloggers compare God's adoption of us to child adoption. I believe that this thinking is the wrong kind of thinking.

I am a deeply spiritual person. I do believe that God gave his son to us in order to forgive us of our sins. I also believe that God wants to believe in him and His Son. I do not believe that our God is as harsh as many say against gays, unmarried folks, and other situations. I think we will also be held accountable for our actions against these folks.

You see I have a friend of mine that I was in the military with. I can not nor will I turn my back on her and her rights. She was a dear supportive friend in one of my darkest hours. God saw fit to put her in my life to help me heal. It was a wonderful sigh of relief to have her there. Her sin was that she was gay. I had too many female friends that waited for me to dump whatever boyfriend so that they could pounce. It was nice to not to have to worry about that. Thanks to my gay friend, I could really unwind and be comfortable with a friend and myself.

Years before that I had a male gay friend, Joey. He took me to my first gay bar in Austin. Again it was nice to not have to be the target for the beef hunt on Sixth Street. I could kick back and have a good time. He was wonderfully funny and great to be around.

So here I have these two wonderful fun loving friends. According to many religions, I would have to turn my back on them. I am sorry but I can not. But I am walking down a road that I didn't intend to walk.

When I compare God's adoption of us mere humans to child adoption as it is practiced, I can not for the life of me see any kind of resemblance. God wants us to learn from our past experiences in accepting him. In child adoption, adoptees are expected to forget the past and not ever refer to it. I honestly don't think God really adopts us. We were already his children to begin with. We are just returning to him just as Jesus did. In that right there, there is a major difference in adoption on earth and adoption in heaven. Jesus was God's son. Jesus was raised by Joseph and Mary. Jesus still returned to God, his father. Throughout Jesus' life, he also taught about tolerance. Tolerance it seems that we down on earth no longer have.

We are as a society must care for the widows and children, not snag them and run. We all must remember that.

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