Thursday, August 21, 2008


Seriously, how do you know? Sometimes, I wonder if I am or not. Reader's Digest has a new Psychology section in their magazine. It discusses the quirkiness of people. What are your quirks? I will be honest. I am obsessed with adoption. I want to understand it fully. I will research the topic all day long if I can. I see the dark side of it every day. I have to laugh at some of the condescending tones that some people have when it comes to adoption.

Are You Normal or Nuts?

I am still very afraid of heights too. I won't ride the rides at Six Flags over Texas. They scare the tar of me. It stems from an accident that I was involved in where I flipped my old sixty five Ford three and half times. We all walked away from that accident. Since then, I don't do roller coasters or rides that take me up high. If I ride a Ferris wheel it scares the crap out of me. My knuckles go white if I am on the thing.

Are You Normal or Nuts?

So check out the Reader's Digest article and see if you are normal or nuts.

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