Friday, August 22, 2008


Lately the internet is abuzzing with presidential news that touch on adoption. Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake. He has had that thing fact checked time and time again but yet this rumor seems to abound. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal too. There is a possibility of birth certificate issues as well. Lord knows both of these stories have been clogging up my inbox with google alerts about both of these fellows birth certificates.

Today there is buzz about John McCain's adoption of his daughter, Bridget. According to news stories from back in 2000, it was insinuated that she was his illegitimate daughter. This was put out by the *snark* delightful Karl Rove with the Bush Campaign. As an adoptee, that is pretty damn cruel of President Bush and his cronies. Then again President Bush considers adoptees properties as he has consistently denied adoptee access when he was governor of my home state of Texas. He, his mother, and his wife were even on the Gladney Board of Directors. Its obvious Bush doesn't have a high opinion of adoptees.

The buzz however is concentrating on the way the adoption has been presented to the press. Was it Mother Teresa that begged Cindy McCain to take these girls or was it the nuns of Mother Teresa's orphanage? To me, I don't really care. However the way the adoption is described is another issue. It seem like a very rushed adoption with John McCain barely knowing what his wife, Cindy, was doing.

At this point, I want to direct you to a dear friend of mine, Niels, of Pound Pup Legacy that further explains the adoption and its legal or illegal implications. There are way too many questions surrounding this adoption.

Personally I will probably not vote for John McCain because he literally blew off a friend of mine, Ibbaanika Bond. The way he answered her questions left too much doubt in my mind about his intentions on cleaning up adoption. It may be a state issue but there are many federal issues going along with adoption as it is now practiced.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, McCain's adopted daughter Bridget, WAS slimed by his GOP opponents in the 2000 South Carolina primary, and two very bad points about McCain stood out.

1. Instead of wanting the blood of the rat-bastards who pushed a whisper campaign insinuating that Bridget was actually his out of wedlock child from an affair with a black woman, McCain instead made peace with them for purely political gain.

2. What did shake up McCain was the irate reaction the Repub primary voters in SC to his ad comparing Bush Jr to Bill Clinton.

McCain's Worst Sin, Of Omission

This incident, more than any other in his life, shows McCain does not have the integrity, character or honesty needed to be a good President. And while it was never completely determined which operatives were pushing this attack against McCain via his daughter, logic would dictate that would be Karl Rove, who's now an adviser and strategist for the McCain campaign.

BTW-You're providing a VERY necessary, and long-overdue voice for those who have felt so powerless.

Amyadoptee said...

Howdy King Cranky its good to see you my friend. I have missed your strong voice. There are a number of questions after reading Niels post over at Pound Pup Legacy concerning John McCain's adoption.

I do know that children with Cleft Plalates don't get adopted real quick. They are also more likely to be abandoned. But when Niels lined up the adoption of this girl to the drug addiction of Cindy McCain. It had to have been rushed. Some kind illegality had to have happened for it to be so rushed. Yea if my mother had been in that situation with Karl Rove saying that about me, you can imagine how unglued she would have become. You and I both know that she probably would have find a deep dark crevice in the heat beaten Texas earth and dumped him there. Given the coyotes some meat granted it might have been rotten meat.

Hugs to you. I might give you a call later today.