Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This individual must be an adoption agency social worker. Her answers on Yahoo Answers are deplorable. If she is an adoptive parent, she must be a horrible one. We have had some bad ones on Yahoo Answers but she really takes the cake. She makes even Noodles seem angelic in comparison. I can even see Noodles recoiling in horror at some of the many things that she discusses. I know that several of the adoptive parents are taking aim at her.

In this question, she discusses Ukraine adoption. In several of the answers, she is asked if she works for an adoption agency. Some have even called her out for soliciting on Yahoo Answers.

In another question, she basically states that adoptive parents are better than biological parents.

Why do you think that AP's are better parents?

than biological parents?

Adoptive parents spend more money on their children, and find more time for parent-child activities, than do biological parents. They get more involved in extra curricular activities, get more involved at school and eat meals as a family.

I tend to think that is largely because of barrier to entry. Forming a family through adoption requires planning, resources and effort over time so I think that it's just a matter of the effort and desire that goes into having children that way.

What do you think?

For more info about the study that gives us these results:

She managed to offend even the adoptive parents with this question. Several told her so.

What is going to take to make people like her listen to the adoptees, the adoptive parents and the natural parents?

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