Thursday, August 21, 2008


I know that pro life movement pushes their agenda. They distort the truth of the most recent study done on adoption. More men adopt than women. Its more step parent adoptions than domestic infant, international adoption and foster adoption.

Its not that women want to get rid of their child. Its that they don't want to give them away and never hear from them again. Its that issue that is too painful to them. At least they know that those unborn children are returned to heaven. Is it really so hard to understand? I can comprehend that. Why can't they? That is right they are connected to the adoption industry and the crisis pregnancy centers across America. That is a huge financially secure industry.

Women use abortion for other reasons besides not wanting a child. They abort because of lack of funds. They abort because of the lack of support.

Roe Vs. Wade didn't give anyone the right to abort. It gave women the right to privacy from governmental interference. If we change that law, do we really want the government controlling our lives? In effect, that is what they are asking for. It blows my mind every time. The articles states that more mothers are parenting their own children. Those kids were not aborted. They are still alive. So what if teen parents are keeping their children? Why are they complaining about it?

Here is the article:

Adoptions Decline in United States as Abortions Rise Following Roe v. Wade

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 20
, 2008

( -- When the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Roe v. Wade case allowing virtually unlimited abortions, pro-life advocates talked of a slippery slope. They said the decision would lead to a devaluing of human life and that is apparently what has happened as new figures show adoptions decreasing.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics shows that adoption is a rare event that is becoming less and less frequent.

It found that adoption numbers and the desire to adopt have declined over the last 30 years since Roe In 2000, of the 65.6 million children under 18 years of age, only 2.5 percent were adopted.

And, despite the noted maternal instincts of women, men are much ore likely to have adopted a baby or child compared with women.

The CDC stats found men were more than more than twice as likely as women to have adopted -- 3.8 percent compared with 1.4 percent.

According to the federal agency, just one-third of all women 18-44 had ever considered adoption, and of those, only about 14 percent had ever gone through on their adoption idea.

The stats also showed that women who want children and have used infertility services that concern pro-life advocates -- like in-vitro fertilization -- also had adopted in low numbers.

Just 25 percent of women who had never given birth but tried fertility clinics had every adopted.

Adoption is sometimes painted as a practice prevalent in the Anglo community -- with a child coming home to a two-parent family living in a house with a white picket fence. Yet the CDC report shows white men and women less likely to adopt a children than their black and Hispanic counterparts.

There are a number of pro-abortion and pro-life reasons for the figures.

On one hand, Planned Parenthood, which does 25 percent of the abortions nationwide, counsels fewer women about adoption now than ever before.

The number of Planned Parenthood adoption referrals is also miniscule and continues to drop, according to the new annual report it released in April. The previous annual report showed a scant 2,413 referrals and the abortion business made three less in the last fiscal year.

The adoption and prenatal numbers are also surprising given the increase in the total number of clients at Planned Parenthood. The pro-abortion group had 3.14 million customers in 2006-2007, which represented a 2.5 percent increase or almost 80,000 more customers than the year prior.

On the pro-life side, the adoption numbers have dropped, according to the CDC report, because there are fewer teen pregnancies and because, with the expansion of the pregnancy center movement, more of those teens are keeping their baby rather than considering adoption or abortion.

Internal polling has shown pregnant teens and young women are less interested in adoption than parenting and pregnancy centers have become more equipped to help them with medical, scholastic and health needs.


Anonymous said...

I think the morning-after pill which easily brings on a woman's period after a fun night is hopfully going to end terminations. They are not ideal, but nor were illegal abortions which resulted in mothers' deaths, hence the legalising of abortions instead.

Amyadoptee said...

If we want to reduce crisis pregnancies, we need comprehensive sex education. We should not be reducing contraception. We might also do our best to improve the economy. The economy also has an effect on abortions as well. Usually when the economy tanks like its currently doing, women and children are the ones that suffer the most. Just my opinion of course.