Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This morning I received an email from one of the Indiana Legislators. Just great. I am a permanent child to this man. Its not worth writing to him again and telling him that I am not a child but a fourty three year old woman who wants what she should have access to. Scratch that I am sending him one anyway.

Here is the email.

From Representative Orentlicher:

Thank you very much for writing. I appreciate your concern for adopted children, and I would like to help out. However, I will not be returning to the legislature next session. Please contact my successor, either Ed DeLaney or Adam Nelson, at this same e-address, h86@ai.org, after November 18.



Good grief. A girl can't even get a break once in a while. Rumor has it that Sheila Klinker might be interested. My response to him was:

Dear Honorable Orentlicher,

I do appreciate you responding to me. However, the bill that I want is for adopted adults not children. Most of the records are sealed from adopted adults (adoptees born from 1941-1993) I do believe that adoptive parents should have access to the same original birth certificate in case of health issues. Any child born after 1993 does have that access already.

I also appreciate your service to the state of Indiana.

Amy K. Burt

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