Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Everyone has heard this story. Lord knows that is all Nancy Grace talks about. I have wondered the truth of this story. Her daughter goes missing for five weeks and does not mention it to the police. I have a deep suspicion that this girl has been placed for adoption. Call it a gut feeling. I bet money that Casey sold her daughter to the adoption industry. Somehow, someway. She has done it and profited off the adoption. Its the only thing that makes sense in this story.

Court records are now showing that Casey wanted to place her child before Caylee was born according to news reports. Casey's mother said no way to the idea. She wanted her to raise her granddaughter.

Here is a timeline of the story can be found here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? I don't think nor do I hope the child has died.


AngelaW said...

My gut feeling is that child is dead. There was a story about a searched car and some evidence found there. The story had several comments that "it smelled like something died" in the car.

AngelaW said...

Here is a link to the news story that I was trying to remember (why I think the little girl is dead). It is just so sad.

Air sample tests from Casey Anthony's car show decomposing body was in trunk http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/crime/orl-caylee-marie-anthony-missing-082708,0,6387125.story