Sunday, August 17, 2008


We came, we enjoyed, we grumbled and we placed. It was an interesting weekend all the way around. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. They separated all the events to be judged and then they crammed us all into one little 20 x 6 spot. We are not sure if we are going to do it again. The ranch can only enter three of the events for the ranch talent. We had photography, crafts/jewelry and leather handiwork. The part that I was frustrated on was that I was not able to display my afghans as I would have liked. My hubby was partnered with another guy. I was by myself as well as C was with her photography. She has this adorable picture of her sons that is totally awesome. We weren't able to bring all of our stuff together in a cohesive manner. I hope that we will all do better next year.

I also need to mention that I am very proud of the Waggoner cowboys. The rodeo brought in some rank cattle. All the ranches had hard time. These cattle were even more rank than our own on the ranch. I am very proud of each one of them for doing their best. We will get them next year.

Hubby and his partner took first place. I took third place. I wish that C had placed as well. I know that we did exceptionally well in the ranch cooking area. My friend, K 's, father and uncle did really well as well as did B, one of our older campers.

We finally got a program book for the rodeo. There are two charities that profit off the endeavors of all the cowboys and their families. North Texas Rehab gets a portion as well as the West Texas Boys Ranch. I read in the program that the West Texas Boys Ranch sponsored the craft portion of the rodeo. Oh great, I am thinking. An orphanage for boys sponsors my area of the rodeo. Me an adoptee. Oh great. A friend jokingly said to be very aware of someone with a huge pink cowboy hat following me around with pad and paper. Fortunately that never happened. I did figure that I should research them a bit if I do this again next year. I have done for four years running now. What I read on their website is that they do not do adoptions. Its last ditch place before it becomes a Texas Youth Commission stop. They do state that they don't get funds from the government. They also provide care, support, and help to homeless boys. They get funds from donations and events like the rodeo.

They have had a couple of violations in the last year and half. They had a child run away and they didn't report it right away. They also had a child try to committ suicide. Again they didn't report it right away The actual home gets a little over a million bucks per year. This money comes from the public and not the government. They also have a foundation. Their foundation earned 2.6 million dollars. Some of that money goes to the ranch itself. I will wait to make my decision in January. They don't appear to be as bad as many others that I have seen but time will tell. They may sponsor another event next year. At least they don't do adoption.

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CONGRATS on placing in this year's roundup!!