Friday, August 15, 2008


Its another year for this. Part of me looks forward to it but I am also feeling a great deal of trepidation with it as well. I put alot of effort into the afghans. I hope they do well. I have been working on the navy blue one for the last two weeks pretty solid. I felt like pulling my hair out as well. Between the kids, the house, the pets, the horses, and the grumpy husband, I have been pulling my hair out. This year is different in that they have separated the crafts from the leather work. I didn't find out about that little tidbit until two weeks ago. I was hoping just to stick the navy blue afghan under the saddle and hide out in the motel room. I am in desparate need of some serious snoozing.

The saddle is hubby's latest piece of work. It also comes with a matching bridle and hobbles. He did all the scroll work on the saddle. He completely basket stamped the saddle. Let me tell that it has not been fun listening to him snarl at everyone and everything. I hope that we both place but I accept that it is so arbituary. Its whoever ranch that is the favorite. You can have the most perfect afghan or saddle but if they like someone else better. You are sunk.

It is a free hotel for the weekend. Its free tickets to a rodeo. Whoever wins this rodeo, gets bragging rights for the area and gets entry into the National Finals Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo. Its been eight years since this ranch has last won. We sure could use one to lift the spirits of everyone here on the ranch.


Anonymous said...

Amy...the crafts are beautiful. I hope you and hubby both place.

Been a long time since daughter was showing horses. I still love going into a tack room. We look back at our family visiting the Mesquite Rodeo, as a big highlight of our trips out West.

Enjoy the rodeo, enjoy the free weekend and GOOD LUCK!


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...


Gershom Kaligawa said...

YES YES YES YES YES!!! You're going to do GREAT amy!!!!Those are BEAUTIFUL afghans and LOOK AT THE SADDLE! You guys rock! seriously, if you don't win, they're trippin'!!!

Good luck, i'm holding you on my heart!