Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today was a crazy kind of day. The ranch has a yearly production sale. It gives the cowboys a chance to earn so cash for all of the hardwork that they have put into training these horses. Most of these horses go back to Poco Bueno. We chose to sell one of the horses on my husband's string. His name is Gino. He was loved by all of us. We know the new owners. They have our number so if there is an issue we can help. It was sad because he has been my husband's go to horse.

When I was looking over their production book, all of these horses, all 134 of them, had their lineage going back for 4 generations. Its pretty cool seeing all of the different horses. The mares were sold with their foals. I saw some really awesome horses. I still come back to the four generations thing. They have it. Its important for horses. It predicts behavior, capability and other cowboy things. On a ranch, you want a horse that is cowie. I know that is not a real word but it is in my way of life.

Then I come back again to the four generation thing. I think honestly that the adoption industry deserves a severe chappin'. In fact, we could use my husband's leggins and start with Thomas Atwood. We could have one of the best cowboys, Shane do it for us. I know my hubby has mentioned that his chappin's always hurt. I doubt it would do much good. Its worth a try though right. We could have a few of the cowboys hold him down. Have him take a few and tell him that is how it is for an adoptee and their family. That is how it feels to have their control taken from them. Maybe Shane would let me to do once or twice. We could have a serious party with it.

Alas it is just a dream. I am sitting here enjoying my wishful thinking.

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