Tuesday, September 02, 2008


An adoptee's letter made the google alert. This adoptee nails it home good. I am always proud of adoptees who speak out and do it loudly. YOU ROCK MR. BREWER!!!!!

Here is the letter. Here is the link.

SanduskyRegister.com Viewpoints Article

LETTER: Who's really for abortion?

Tuesday September 02 2008, 3:55am

I'm a Pro-Life Pro-Choice Democrat.

I've talked to thousands of persons and haven't found one in favor of killing babies. To classify pro-choice as pro-abortion is like saying all Germans in 1940 were Nazis.

I am pro-choice.

I like choosing where I live and where my children went to school. I like choosing my faith and religion and choosing when and if to practice my religion (my faith is my core).

I'm happy friends (some who are pro-life and anti-abortion) were able to choose in-vitro fertilization and then to choose how many soul-filled embryos would be given their chance at life - and how many wouldn't.

I'm grateful I could choose where and what to study and where to work, instead of having it decided for me by the government.

Those are a very few reasons why I'm pro-choice. I believe we have to protect the right of every American to make the choices that affect his/her life. The issue is so much deeper, wider and broader than unborn babies.

Unborn babies still have no rights. Check the laws. Ask an adoptee to identify birthparents and how s/he found the information. Ask an adoptee for his/her family medical history.

If saved from abortion like I was (it was illegal) they may be placed for adoption with parents not of their choice (who divorced a few years later) like I was and have their identity completely concealed like mine was.

If conceived in-vitro, some religions claim they have no souls and their parents make all the choices about their chance at life. Thousands of those souls simply disintegrate over time in the freezer.

I am pro-life. I don't believe in 'selective abortion'. If all life is sacred, then a child conceived in rape or incest is just as innocent as a child conceived between two parents in love or in a backseat. The choice is made when the intercourse climaxes.

And even the life of someone who commits murder still is sacred and cannot be ended by the state.

Before you exercise your choice for president, find out where he stands on both issues -- right after you discover where you stand. I'm voting for Obama.

John Brewer


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