Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I don't want to get into the political mainstream. I just see it as being unable to do so. I was not fond of Hillary because I felt like she lied too much to the American public. I have to have some faith in the president of this country. I am still not too sure about either candidate. Because of McCain's selection and his treatment of a natural mother friend, I am not voting for McCain. I don't care if he has a "chick on the ticket." It depends on the chick before I vote for a woman president. Its not that I don't want a woman to run. I want a woman that I can trust on that ticket.

I have to really question McCain's motive here. I can understand his wanting to pick up women voters but Gov. Sarah Palin is not the way to do so. Just a little research into her background. I pick that she will do anything to get to the top. I wonder if McCain realizes that. She goes after what she wants with every one else being damned. If McCain had picked Rudy Guilliani, then I might be more willing to look at him more closely. If he had chosen Mitt, that is no way I would have voted for him. If he had chosen Fred Thompson, I would have taken a closer look.

Along with her desire to be top dog at whatever cost, I do look at her family situation. She has five children, one of which is special needs. One of her daughters is also pregnant. Its cool that this young girl is wanting to raise her own child. With her being the vice presidential candidate, that takes away a great deal of attention needed for her children. We are talking about an infant and a daughter who is about to have a baby. I as a mother would want to concentrate more on my family than adding more complications to the problem.

Her pro life and abstinence only policy also bothers me. It forces her choices on other individuals. I believe that boys and girls need a full education on what their bodies do, the capability of their bodies, and the how to make the best decisions for themselves. I believe in contraception. There are so many misconceptions about Roe vs. Wade. It did not give a woman the right to have an abortion. It gave a woman autonomy over her own body. The courts decided that the federal government has no business in the private lives of its citizens. Do the Republicans really want to change that? Somehow I don't think so but that is the road that we are headed down.

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