Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I get to see so many unusual animals on the ranch. Occasionally we get to see one up close and personal. The other day my daughter and I got this picture of this huge moth. We get to see the horses, cats, and dogs everyday. We are used to their little antics. Those antics give us all great pleasure and joy. Its pictures like this moth that make it all the more worth while.

Last night, the dogs were barking while I was working on another Swedish weave blanket. I checked out my back door. I noticed that they had their heads turned upward. I looked up. We had a couple of barn owls flying over the house. If you have not seen one of those, they are pretty wicked to see. One landed on the electrical wire up above the back door. He watched me as I watched him.

Another crazy animal is the road runner. We even have them named. I don't know if they are the same ones. We call them all Charlie. This one doesn't have his tail feathers. I get it was a run in with one of the cats. Its just something different everyday. Its pretty sight.

Just had to write about something different than adoption.


Lori A said...

It sounds wonderful. I tell my kids that it's the free things like this that are worth keeping forever in their minds.

Anonymous said...

Animal watching I think is an important part of growing up. No worries about being off topic; it makes sense. I remember having a collection of grasshoppers (yes I was strange).

Playing with things that we wouldn't dream of touching as adults is all a part of growing up. By the way, I would love to see a barn owl up close.