Friday, September 05, 2008


I debated about whether or not to expose one of my recent comments on Commonwealth as I normally do. I asked a couple of the adoptive parents that I am in contact with what I should do. One adoptive mother wanted me to do it. As an adoption reformist and adoptee rights blogger, I feel that it should be pointed out.

Here is the comment.

Jennifer has left a new comment on your post "COMMONWEALTH ADOPTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC.":

Leslie's correct. There really are several inaccuracies in the blog above. Adoption is a very tricky field, I know, I worked in it. I also adopted my son from Russia and I understand the other side as well. But really, it's a very difficult, draining and exhausting field and while it's also incredibly wonderful, a 150,000 salary for being up half a night, half of every week, being screamed at by adoptive parents who are understandabley impatient and nervous, working with foreign govts. and our own and dealing with all of the difficulties behind the scenes is not unreasonable. Part-time state college proffesors make that same salary, most of it through your tax dollars. Marina and Jim Mayhew (no longer married btw) are kind and ethical people and I think the fact that this agency is closing is very sad for the many people who have and were adopting their children through them.

Marina and her ex-husband may be kind people but they are not ethical. What Jennifer doesn't realize is that all of my information came from their website, the COA, the many adoptive parents who are upset by their actions, news reports and the Better Business Bureau themselves. Some of these parents have waited over four years. Some of these adoptive parents have not be given adequate explanation. The adoption agency is not giving any refunds to these adoptive parents. There are deposits that have owed back to some of these parents. The staff at the agency have all told them that there is no money. My question is where did the eight to ten million dollars that this agency has earned from these parents gone. That is a lot of money. This agency owes it to some of these parents. They owe it to these parents to give them the truth. Various facilitators are abandoning ship. They will not work with the adoptive parents who are associated with this agency. That alone begs the question of why. This agency is forcing adoptive parents to move to the agency of their chosing not the adoptive parents. Some of these parents will be forced to pay even more money to these new agencies. Its already happening. This is not just a few adoptive parents. There are at least a hundred adoptive parents complaining about this agency. You can doubt me all you want. I hear differently. Instead of drinking the adoption industry's kool aid, try listening to the adoptive parents who are being ripped hard by this agency.

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T. Laurel Sulfate said...

W. T. F.?!?!?

I am an adjunct professor (aka a part-time college professor)at a state university. I have no office--hell, I have no desk--no benefits, and no parking pemit. My salary? $1500 per class per semester, for a grand total of 6K a year (I am not allowed to teach more than two classes per semster and there are never any summer classes for me).

Obviously Jennifer's estimation of "part time professor" salaries is right in line with her grasp on the realities of adoption.

(OTOH, I'd love to know what state uni she's talking about so I can apply there!)