Friday, September 12, 2008


I apologize to the adoptive parent who posted on the previous post. I have to talk about it. Here is the comment:

That is an amazing story. I think that we're all connected some way, even if we never met. She knew deep down inside. That's amazing.

She never met him. It just keeps attacking my mind. We're going through an adoption right now through Rapid I already feel a connection to this child that I haven't met yet. I know how she feels.


I checked out your "agency." Its not an adoption agency. So I wonder if you are even doing a homestudy. That alone scares me. It is a forms company. I also wonder if you are coercing some young woman who hasn't had any counseling at all. A child that you have not even met. Oh my God. I understand wanting to be a parent. I am a parent. You sound awfully entitled. This story is about a natural parent who died in Flight 93. His daughter felt his death to her core. This man is a hero in my mind. This is not an adoptive parent speaking here. This is an adoptee's blog. This story is about an adoptee and her natural father.

I also emailed a couple of adoptive parents about your comment. They were repulsed by it as well. I hope honestly that that you don't succeed in your adoption.

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