Friday, September 12, 2008


This story came up on my google alerts. Dana Lawhon and her daughter, Emma, are in the battle of their lives in order to get her grandson back from Oklahoma's DHS department clutches. A DHS social worker came to the maternity home that her daughter was at. She saw Evan sleeping on his mother's shoulder. His mother was also catnaping. How many of us have done this? How many of us have pictures of our husbands sleeping with their children just like this? I have those kinds of pictures. I know many of my readers do as well. It doesn't even matter if adoption is a part of those stories or not. We have all done it. This department made Emma take a drug test. It came back with a false positive. I have heard that story repetitively. Camira Bailey comes to mind. Dana had her daughter retake the test a hour later. If marijuana was in her system, it would have still been there. There was no need for this child to be taken except to get additional funds from the government. There are many stories to that effect every where you go. I wonder if Emma had considered adoption but changed her mind. I bet that this is a coercive effort to get her to relinquish her child. I bet money that there is an adoption agency somewhere in this mix somewhere.

EDIT: This social worker is named Antiffany L. McDaniel-Fears. She has been trouble with the Hot Check Department of the Attorney General's office. She has two judgements against for not paying her debts to loan companies. She also has hot checks in Arkansas as well. I wonder what this woman who has been fired from the Attorney General's office is doing working for the Department of Human Services. It is also my understanding that this woman is now under investigation within her own department. So time will tell if she loses her job. This mother and grandmother will hopefully get their child back again.



Dana said...

It was never her intention to give up the baby. We went to court again today. AnTiffany saw me and told the judge that I threatened to shoot her. So now the judge has told me that I am no longer allowed on the property of the Juvenile Court. He said if I so much as step on the curb of the parking lot I will be arrested. So now my daughter is all alone and they will railroad her for sure now and there is nothing I can do to stop them.

Amyadoptee said...

She is lucky that she is in Oklahoma. She would have been shot here in Texas. They don't take kindly to people snagging kids like it happened here. I still think Catholic Charities stuck its ugly head in here somewhere. Make sure you get her an good attorney. I will start writing on your behalf