Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well it looks like its flooding season again for us in North Texas again. Just about a month ago, Wichita Falls had a huge thunderstorm dump flooding rains on just the county of Wichita. It looks like we are going to have that situation again for the next few days. Hurricane Ike is not going to help much either. We are expected to get some showers from it as well. Its going to take several days before we dry out up here.

One good thing is when Mother Nature does this, she usually reconstructs the roads for us in a nice way. She removes all the dirt that the county dumps in the road when they decide to clean out the ditches. I have an '78 Ford 3/4 ton four wheel drive. One year was so bad with them fixing the roads by dumping more dirt on the roads that we screwed up our driveshaft on MY truck. Hubby will tell you that it is his but I paid for that beast. Actually her name is Emerald. She is a stout hardworking truck.

So be warned. I might be out of the net. It will drive me stir crazy to be without my puter. We are just being rained hard upon and the electricity has gone out. Don't worry we have tons of food, coffee, beer and smokes. We are ready.

Say a prayer for those bloggers out of the Corpus Christi and the Houston area. I will be thinking of To Be True and Informed Adoptions.

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