Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In the past several elections, we have all heard that unwed mothers cost our government massive amounts of money. The stories that we hear are about the welfare queens. They are all using up all of our tax dollars. In fact, I read a thread on a forum that I am on that literally terrified me. This individual attacked the folks who need welfare based on their appearance. If they had a nice purse, they did not need to be on welfare.

Currently we have over 500,000 children in foster care. The foster care system needs a massive overhaul. More and more families are struggling to make it. Food prices are through the roof. Gas prices are through the roof. This also includes utilities and other such items.

I read this article today. It really ticked me off. You hear the typical, mythical story of the welfare queen and unwed mother who are bringing this country down. I honestly would rather support our women, men, and families in raising our children. I think abortion AND adoption has taken fatherhood out of America. I think if men want sex then there comes a time when they have to pay for their actions. I think men should be held accountable to their children. It does not matter to me if you did not choose to be a father. You had sex. Its time to be responsible. We as a country need to back off on the men who are desperately trying to be fathers. Give them that right. If a woman wants to raise her child, she should not be coerced into abortion or adoption. She should be given the resources to make it on her own. That is where I want my tax dollars to go.

There is all this talk about these folks. Yet in the news, our country is bailing out many top folks who have made bad decisions. Don't we condemn mothers, fathers and children? We usually stick it to them and we stick it hard.

Just today, our country bailed out American International Group to the tune of $85,000,000,000. Yep that is $85 billion dollars. Even if we brought in half of Mexico to be on foodstamps, medicaid, and WIC, I don't think it would even come close to this amount of money. That is just one company. Add into it $30 Billion dollars to the investment group Bear Stearns. We are not done yet. We have $200 Billion dollars going to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac organizations. There is also talk of doing the same to American automakers such as GMC getting $25-$50 Billion dollars. That is over 300 billion tax dollars. Tax dollars that I as American citizen bust my ass for. That I endured the most assinine callers in the country for. I am sure that I am missing a couple of companies in this mix somewhere. That is also not including the rest of corporate welfare including to the oil companies. Yep they get tax breaks that we Americans are not afforded. I have not mentioned Halliburton who got $17 Billion bucks from this war. Am I missing something here? Are we as country ignoring our own American people?

I think some of this money should have gone towards the hardest hit in this country instead of bailing out companies and the stinking filthy rich CEOs and other officers.

So please don't tell me about the welfare queens and the unwed parents. They are the ones suffering the most from this stupid bailout game. What is really sad is that more and more families will soon need that money. It will be gone though. Its gone to the big corporate businesses who have made bad business decisions.


Lori A said...

Sixteen years ago, I had a young man tell me that he was tired of his tax dollars being spent to support women like me.

I was so angry I looked at him and said that I had been working and paying taxes as far back as to when he was literally in diapers. That as far as I'm concerned the tax dollars I was using to pay my daycare while I worked and went to school were my own and when we got to his tax dollars I'd gladly let him know. The silence in that room was deafening, but he got my point.

I agree with you, it's a shame that the little people keep getting littler and corporations keep getting our tax dollars.

Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Amy: I could not agree with you more that men need to be held accountable for supporting the children they helped to create. It isn't right that women shoulder the burden alone.

The best way to ensure this, of course, is to REFUSE to engage in intimate relations with anyone who is not prepared to make a lifelong commitment to both mother and child. In marriage.

The "sexual revolution" -- with contraception and abortion on demand, as well as "serial monogamy" produced by "no-fault" divorce -- has produced a crop of bitter fruit that has all but destroyed whole classes of American society.

Yet groups like NOW and Perpetual Parenthood totally disregard the idea of training young men and women to embrace chastity.

Could there possibly be a connection?

Amyadoptee said...

I know in Texas that we tried abstinence only education. It doesn't work. I think our young people need a well rounded education.

My adoptive mom saw to it that I had a comprehensive sexual education. She made sure that I knew exactly what my body did. I remember the talk because I got both talks at the same time. Adoption and Sex. My mother promised to support me anytime I wanted to search. She also stated that whenever I decided to have sex that she would support my decision and put me on contraception. I am unusual in the fact that I waited until I was an adult. I had a full pelvic exam before I had sex. I went onto contraception at the age of 19. Then I still waited. Should have waited longer but alas I can not change history. I have controlled my own sexuality all my life. I am instilling the same principles into both of my daughters. However for me, adoption has ended with me. I hope that my daughters don't get pregnant until they are married but I am prepared to support them if they do. My husband feels the same way. Even though as an adoptee I can't stand the Catholic Church or their Catholic Charities. They have a research study right. Why not support families more so than tearing them apart? Most women would make terrific mothers if they had been given resources to be able to do so.

I live on a ranch. My oldest daughter at the age of seven was already pinned down for a kissing by a couple of boy. That scared the crap out of me. It was with a children of the same age. Lets just say the education began that day. It still continues.

Men are not going to stop having sex. Women will still continue to be blamed for getting pregnant. If we want to reduce pregnancy, provide men and women with a sound education and sound resources. If more men are held accountable for their actions in the sexual act, then we might get somewhere. If men's sperm was held to the same standard as a woman's egg, we might make changes.