Sunday, October 05, 2008


Marc Fisher brought some interesting points about the Bowman case. We do as a society owe it to the adoptees of this country honesty and transparency. The adoption records should become public record when an adoptee dies in the custody of a parent. The Bastardette recently wrote about another Russian adoptee who died three months after being brought to the United States. What is going wrong with the system of adoption? I honestly believe that the adoption industry has perfected it to a point where it is only about money. It is not about the adoptee, the natural parents nor even the adoptive parents.

In the Bowman case, there were several clues that should have been observed in the Bowman case. This woman had a misdemeanor charge against her for violent threats. She had a foreclosure and a bankruptcy on file. There was even an abuse complaint against Bowman. The social worker in that situation decided that there were no issues. These clues were all there. Hindsight is 20/20. There are stories across the country of situations like this. With many of these stories, there were serious indicators of bad outcomes.

One comment on the part of Adam Pertman and Janice Goldwater bothers me a great deal.

"The legacy of secrecy lives on. Goldwater, who has an adopted child as well as three birth children, was appalled to see that her adopted child's birth certificate was rewritten to show Goldwater and her husband as the birth parents, a deception that fools no one.

Goldwater and Pertman are both wary of making adoption records public, even in a case that ends in an awful crime. Once an adoption has been completed, they argue, the parents should have the same rights as a birth parent."

Actually if a natural parent never places and abuses their child, it is very much public record. If that child dies, every part of that case is public speculation. Caylee Anthony is a perfect example of it. In fact, Nancy Grace dedicates her nightly show to this case. Its annoying to the hilt. I know that this case in itself is horrible but to dedicate a nightly show to it every day is obcessive.

So where do we go to make changes? In cases where there is a death or injury, yes it should be public record. Give adult adoptees access to their records. No secrets to the parties of the adoption. The parties should have complete access without any restrictions. If there is any kind of history of violence, drug/alcohol addiction, financial woes, an adoption must stop. I think this is more true with the children of foster care. Adoptive parents are held to a higher standard. It just isn't the adoptee but the natural parents. We on the other side of adoption are "entrusting" our lives and our children to the adoptive parents.

I still blame the adoption industry even more so than adoptive parents. They are entrusted to follow through with their actions. They are entrusted to ensure that these children are safe. I do realize that adoptive parents are not perfect. It is their job to make sure these parents have a clean record.

I also blame the adoption industry for the entitlement that some adoptive parents feel towards other people's children. There is a adoptive parent blogger that I stumbled upon last night. She was discussing the Vietnam situation. I know that myself, several other adoptee bloggers, and some of the adoptive parent bloggers have reported the arrests of people who were shipping children in to China. In the Al Jazeera paper (yes I know horrid Islamic news), they are even commenting on the situation in China. I have specific google alerts set up for other countries news sources. They will print stories that are intentionally buried in the United States.

I know that the adoption industry courtesy of the NCFA and JCICS puts out information that intentionally separates and instigates issues between the natural parents and the adoptive parents. They tell the adoptive parents to call the natural parents "biological strangers." They then turn around and tell the natural mother that she is a good mother if she relinquishes. This is a coercive tactic designed to diminish that woman's capability to raise her own child. When a woman goes to most adoption agencies, she is targeted to relinquish.

The adoption industry wants the adoptee especially the female adoptee to feel good about adoption. Female adoptees are more likely to place a child than non adopted female adoptees. They target women who have adoption in their family. They do so to continue the vicious cycle that they profit hugely on.

Its these issues that drive me insane. I do not want my daughters targeted because their mother was adopted. I do not want a natural parent targeted again because they have placed. I have met several who fit that profile.

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