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I have known for a long time that CPCs are a major problem here in the United States. I have known for several years. Most of the CPCs in this country are connected to adoption agencies in the NCFA. Yep the major one is Bethany Christian Services. CPCs are connected to the Right to Life groups in the United States. Thus connecting them to the adoption industry. The adoption industry is run by adoption agency directors. Those same agency directors are also on the board of the Council on Accreditation which accredits not only debt consolidation companies but many of the Employee Assistance Programs across this country. So these agencies not only have their fingers in women's lives but they are also into the financial and mental health aspects of women and men. Its really scary to think about that. Its not a conspiracy. It is reality. I can prove it.

Two to three years ago, a married friend went to the local CPC office to get a medicaid confirmation test. She wanted this child. Abortion and adoption were not an option for her. Parenting was the only option for her. She went with her husband and two year old son at the time. She was asked THREE TIMES to relinquish her child and then forced to watch an antiabortion video. If you think it won't happen to you, it can and will. She learned her lesson and went to a doctor with her next pregnancy. She had miscarried.

Evidently the United States isn't the only country with this issue. The Irish Examiner has published a story to the same extent. These CPCs often disquise themselves as family planning clinics. They are not family planning. They are out to get that baby to put into the adoption industry. Its money for them plain and simple.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Crisis pregnancy advisory service uses shock tactics

By Jennifer Hough
A CRISIS pregnancy advisory service, which claims to be pro-choice, is using shock tactics more associated with pro-life groups.

The Women’s Resource Centre is warning that abortion can lead to suicide and breast cancer.

And women seeking help are reportedly handed a tiny doll — a three-inch foetal model — and asked “Is abortion fair to the baby?”

The resource centre has been labelled a rogue agency by the Irish Family Planning Association and other pro-choice groups. The Women’s Resource Centre advertises as a non-directive counselling service but, in fact, works to convince women who are considering a termination not to go ahead with their plans.

The service is located at 50, Upper Dorset Street, in Dublin and has operated under various names since the 1990s. Under a former name, Aadams, it was shut down by the High Court for running an illegal adoption agency. But a spokesperson for the agency, who wanted to be identified only as “Pat”, despite a two-hour face-to-face interview, said it wants to “tell women the truth about abortion and the risks involved”.

The agency claims breast cancer and abortion are linked. It advises there is no medical condition whereby a woman’s life can be saved by an abortion.

However, a spokeswoman for the Irish Cancer Society firmly refuted any link between abortion and breast cancer. “There is no scientific evidence to show that, if you have an abortion, your chances of breast cancer increase,” a spokesperson for the society said.

Meanwhile, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Britain said more than 98% of abortions are undertaken because of the risk to the mental or physical health of the woman or her children.

The WRC, however, accused the Irish Family Planning Association of illegally referring women to British abortion clinics. The Dublin agency insists it wants to “protect Irish women from those working on behalf of British abortion profiteers”.

According to pro-choice group Choice Ireland, the WRC is operating under the name Abbey Counselling Centre and has taken a full-page advert in the latest edition of the Golden Pages offering free ultrasounds to draw women in.

“All we ask is that they specify they are a pro-life group. We have no problem with that, it’s just that they advertise as pro-choice, when in fact they are not.”

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