Monday, October 06, 2008


I am seeing more and more cases where the state foster care systems are not working to improve the lives of children. In fact, I see them as intentionally hurting the children and their parents. I see too many cases where the state removes children from their families especially if they are younger and easily placeable. They want those adoption incentives to continue in their states. We are just throwng money at the problem. We are not solving the problem at all. There is no accountability to those living the situation. We are having more and more issues with foster children being abused within the system.

We are not doing right by our children. Its time change it. We do not need to double the adoption incentive program. It isn't the children or even the foster parents that get this money. It is the state agencies themselves along with the private adoption agencies that work with the state that receives that money.

Recently this case came to my attention. Oklahoma DHS has some serious issues with power hungry. Antiffany McDaniel Fears walked into a Catholic Charities maternity home and took custody of an infant without real just cause. She stated that the infant was in an unsafe environment because the mother had her child sleeping on her chest when she too fell asleep. Sorry I have done it. I have pictures of my husband doing it. That is a very common picture. I guess Ms. McDaniel Fears believes otherwise. I wonder if she or husband have done with their daughter. I bet they have. She walked into that maternity home and saw dollar signs.

Several states have faced lawsuits fighting back for the children. Many times the children are taken without real cause. There is no reunification for these parents. Its not that they are doing wrong. Many times it is because they are poor. Oklahoma has theirs. Here is another story on one in Florida.

We owe to our children to make a change. How many other children have to die before we make serious changes and hold people accountable especially the state foster care system and their usage of the various adoption agencies? This just ain't working. Stop throwing money at it.

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