Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I live down a dirt country road. I know that it is par for the course living the lifestyle that I live. However, the genius county commissioner that runs this part of this woods is a total numb skull. Can we all shout out real loudly "idiot?" I guess this fool does not realize that we know what he does and how it does it wrong.

This commissioner does not realize that we do drive the roads when they are muddy. We don't have a choice. If we need to get out and get groceries, paper or anything, we drive out. Recently the ranch redid a portion of our road. James always does a fine job of it. He scoots out a majority of the loose dirt into the ditches. They brought in a load of rock to repair portions of that road. It was dream to drive on. Well the county came in and fucked it up. They laid down several dump truck loads of red dirt. Totally screwing up the road again.

We have had issues with this in the past. When it rains, we do our best to make pretty straight ruts leading out. We live five miles off the black top. You know that black thing we drive on all the time? We call it the black top. It is a pure muddy mess when it rains. The rain has on a couple of occasions washed out parts of our road. They just put more dirt on the problem. Guess what the next rain does? Washes it all out.

Every time the county comes out here, they clean up those ditches. Guess what they do with the weeds and mesquite? Guess what mesquite does to a person's tires? Guess what happens to those piles of dirt? Do you know what driving in those muddy ruts does to one's driveshaft? The weeds, dirt, and mesquite go into the road. Everyone who drives that road afterward gets mesquite thorns in their tires. Those ruts end up destroying the driveshaft in my old Ford pickup.

I can not wait until this election. Rumor has it that the county commissioner is done. We will have a new one. Thank Friggin God.

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