Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Yea you!!!!! I am calling you to the mat now. You think you can threaten good folk and get away with it. Its going to be a matter of time before you are fully investigated. People just like me are watching you hard. We are keeping track of everything that you do. It isn't hard to see that you are a thief. You wrote bad checks. I have too but I have cleared mine up. I don't make money like you do. You not only have bad checks and bad debts in Oklahoma but Arkansas too. It doesn't take much. I googled your name on the internet. You see, the people have power too. We can and shall use it against folks like you.

So you can make false allegations against folks? Not for long. All they have to do is petition the phone company and get the phone records. You have to prove your facts first.

Eventually the judge and the legislators will see some of the many stories about you online. It won't take long.

Here is a rip off report. You also have a warrant for your arrest in El Dorado Arkansas for hot checks. Are you retaliating against someone who chooses to stand up to you? Maybe this story is true.

What about this case back in 1996? Is this you? What did you get sued for?

CJ-96-3976 -- McDaniel Frances et al, McDaniel T.J., McDaniel Tracy, McDaniel Timothy, McDaniel Tiffany vs. Horace Mann Insurance Company; Alleged Tort-personal; Burch, Derek K. Atty; Assg Division D-7 Civil - Carolyn R. Ricks.

You need to understand we are watching you. We don't need to make threats. You will fall over yourself.

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