Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It just got funkier. Baby Jessica is an adoption case where the father did not relinquish his rights and fought for his daughter. The Supreme Courts in both Iowa and Michigan ruled in his favor. Well the so called adoptive father is in the news again. His apartment complex caught fire in which his apartment was also damaged. I can see that being news. Baby Jessica was renamed Anna.

This man has not gotten over the court case obviously. The rest of the article centers around the court case battle. All I can say is that you have got to be kidding me. You never got over losing that battle or the daughter that wasn't meant to be yours in the first place. His wife, Roberta DeBoer went on to form a group called Hear My Voice that is pro adoptive parent in difficult adoption cases. This site is under construction for God only knows how long. It is ridculous that a set of adoptive parents are still whining and pining away for a child that was never theirs to begin with. This man still had the picture of Anna in his home.

I can understand the fire being news but turning the fire into a way to attempt contact is beyond me.

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