Friday, July 04, 2014

Improper Adoptee Dearest

Yes! I went there because I am beyond sick and tired of this continuous nightmare.   I am now taking action.  I asked you several times to remove references to my family, friends, and me.  You refused.  I don't think that you understand the irreparable harm that you have committed against my family, friends, and me.  I did nothing to you to warrant this treatment.  I begged and pleaded with you to remove references to my family and friends.  I asked you to delete the posts about Spookie.  I tried everything to help you forgive and move on with your life.  You just do not get it.

I just happened to stumble upon this latest diatribe of vitriol.  I am Amy Burt, also known as Amyadoptee.  I am not some weak minded individual who lacks fortitude and strength.  I am not someone who is easily fooled.  I no longer participate in adoptee rights because I have so much more on my plate that warrants my attention.  I am a disabled Desert Storm Veteran who sadly fought for your right to spill your vitriol all over the internet.  I am a survivor of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.  I am a survivor of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I am the kickass mother of two precious blessings that I call my daughters whom I now have physical custody.  I survived the worst judge in the history of Texas.  I survived one of the worst divorces in the history of Texas.  I am not someone who is easily manipulated or controlled.

Approximately in 2009, Spookie and I talked because I was worried about a mother who was making contact with her.  This woman had made threats against me via the United States Postal Service.  She had mailed letters to both me and Spookie.  During my divorce, she began mailing them to my ex-husband.  I still have those letters which were all post dated out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  My ex-husband and Spookie gave me those letters.  Because of many of the rants on your part, this woman was led to believe things that weren't true. 

Even when Spookie and I were at odds with each other, she did not harass me to the extent that you are proclaiming.  She pretty much left me alone.  Spookie never attempted to hack into my email, blog, or any other online internet product.  I know that others did it.  I know their names.  Karma has a funny way of coming back and hurting people.  Eventually those that did perpetrate harm against me and my daughters will get their Karma.  I will get justice although I am no longer concerned about any of that old crap.  

In the mean time, this is my one and only post to Improper Adoptee.  I ask you now and forever to clean my name from your blog.  If you want to be considered a valuable asset to the adoption community, remove the content about Spookie and I. 

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