Monday, January 01, 2007


Recently it has come to my attention that there are some things very "hinky" with Ms. Quets story.

(1) She is a 49 year old woman who had in vitro fertilization. These eggs/sperm were in fact donated.

(2) The illness "hyper-emesis" is associated with in vitro fertilization. It is one of the side effects of in vitro. So if a person were to go the route of in vitro as in a Snowflake baby. This is one of the issues that a mother would indeed face.

(3) Granted it was wrong for her to "kidnap" and "run" off with the children, it was still very very wrong for the adoption agency, the adoption attorney, the boyfriend (cousin to the Needhams), and the Needhams to have taken this children from this woman. It was coercion plain and simple. If you think it still doesn't occur in this day and age, look at the three stories presented here.

(4) When these children grow up and discover their story and history, they will be very very pissed off. Just like many adoptees and sperm/egg donation adoptees are today. This very procedure denies a child his rights to his story/history. Being an adoptee myself, I can't say that I blame them. We are fooling around with nature both with adoption and in vitro fertilization. We are messing with God's plans on this stuff. It really needs to quit. Just like I can't even begin to think about eating cloned beef. Since I live on a beef naturally raised ranch, I would not eat cloned meat. It is because we are messing around with nature. It will bite us all in the ass.

(5) Allison Quets is also having an extradition hearing soon. If anyone wants the information, please contact me via my email. I will provide information if any want to attend.

Access to adoption records and birth certificates is one of the most simplest ways of solving this issue. Adoption agencies and adoption attorneys need to be forced to be scrutinized. The only way to do this is to allow access. The adoption agencies and attorneys of the past, present and future must be held accountable. This is a money making business. It is money grubbing at its finest. The laws must be changed not to favor the adoption agencies but the actual parties involved in the adoption. The parties involved are wounded very very primally. Birth parents past present and future have been and will continue to be almost mortally wounded. Adoptees will also continue to wrestle with their emotions, their understanding of themselves, and their thoughts. Adoptive parents will continue to have their insecurities. We are currently being forced to live our lives in secret. If you as an adoptee want freedom, demand your original certificate. If you are a biological parent, fight for your right to make a fully informed decision. If you are an adoptive parent, don't let yourself be fooled by false information put out there by adoption agencies and adoption attorneys. These groups/organizations want to keep your information secret for fear of being sued. Ask for a congressional hearing in these types of proceedings. Talk to the Bar Association in your state and tell them that what these agencies are doing is human trafficking. Ask your legislator to make birth certificates put all legal information on them. Put all the names of the adoption plane on the records. Ask your legislators to enact laws that allow parents to parent. Don't let situations like Rashad's and Miss Bennett's case continue to occur. This is the year to do this. This is the year to fight back against the injustices of adoption agencies.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy. Would just like to say that hyperemesis gravidarum is not a "side effect" of ivf. It is however assiociated with multiple gestations, i.e., twins, etc. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I've been reading older posts on your blog since I found the links to the Allison Quets case. I was going to say what is above. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not a result of IVF or Snowflake adoption or any other method of conception.

The Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation ( is a great resource for information and research. Like Quets, I am an HGer. I would welcome questions on the disease, if you should be interested. But the site would likely answer all of your questions.