Sunday, January 21, 2007


Friday was a sad day for one young woman. Stephanie Bennett lost her baby to a greedy set of adopters. These people even had the audacity to call her to tell her that they were going to hide her child from her and keep her child as well. How can you live with yourselves? In twenty years when that child comes looking for her mother, she will find out the truth. Are you willing to risk her hating you for what you have done?

All adoption agencies can say is that this doesn't happen. They respect a woman's right to change her mind. With so many cases popping up, how can society continue to ignore this? I just don't get it. I spoke with a first mom friend recently. The adoption agency actually sent her paperwork asking her not to sue them for past harm. And they say this kind of thing doesn't happen?

Adoption is the most unregulated industry in the country. Animals are treated with more care, dignity, and respect that humans. Adoption needs its own "PETA." When adoption agencies and attorneys get to regulate the laws concerning adoption, something is seriously wrong. These are the very people that make a buck off us.

Maternity homes of the past are making a resurgence. Women are still being used as breeders. Children are the marketable product. When are we as a society going to realize that women and children are not property? When are we going to accept that there is not a hostile relationship between mother and child?

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