Friday, January 19, 2007


AMERICAN FORK, Utah -- Three pregnant teens living in a group home whacked the director in the head with a frying pan, tied her up and then fled in a stolen minivan, police said.The director, who was tied up with power cords Tuesday, eventually broke free and called police, police Sgt. Shauna Greening said. She also freed another pregnant teen tied up in the attack, she said.Authorities believed the teens -- two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old -- left the state and a search was under way. Police said the teens also stole the director's purse, checkbook, credit cards, cell phone and video camera.The motive wasn't clear. Parents of the girls, who are from California, Texas and Illinois, were notified, police said.The home, which is a place for struggling pregnant teens, is in Utah County, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. Pregnant teens are typically sent there by parents to get away from problems with drugs or boyfriends, and they attend class and learn about prenatal care, childbirth and adoption while staying at the home, according to police.


Anonymous said...

You know you are the only other person who has mentioned seeing the humor in that story, that I have read today.

I can just see it, action movie style. Beaning the gal with the frying pan, the duct tape, the escape.

Unknown said...

They wrongly stole from her before she had a chance to legally steal from them. The irony is definately not lost on me.

It said they stole keys, purse, credit cards, video camera. Video camera?!!!!! What was she doing with a video camera in a home for pregnant teens? Making sales pitch videos? Or was she just documenting the miracle of life?

Amyadoptee said...

From what I understand of this case, the maternity home was something of a restrictive environment. Their parents paid $3000 a month for them to go there. It wasn't a group home but a maternity home. You have to keep in mind that this is Utah and these people wanted their babies. Sorry gang I am rooting for them to make it somewhere safe where they can get the honest support to make honest decisions about themselves and their children.

MaeDay said...

Feel for these young women. Wish they did not have to break out as they did.

BUT ;) I found myself cheering for them too. If I knew where they were I'd help them. I would talk to their parents anyday.

Anonymous said...

And the agencies, facilitators, attorneys, social workers love to say that the 'terrible things done to pregnant women in the past don't happen anymore!

Not much, they don't...hah

Amyadoptee said...

They found the van in LA. They still haven't found the girls. RUN GIRLS RUN WE WILL HELP YOU