Sunday, February 04, 2007


Flying with the first airline to offer complementary XM satellite radio was great for a Wellington mom and her daughter.Staying in one of New York City's finest hotels was wonderful.Having limousine service provide transportation to the airport was a fantastic treat.All of these are excellent perks that come with being a talk show guest, but compared to the big surprise Montel Williams had for Julie Posey and her daughter, Kristyn, these were just an added bonus.The other invited guests talked about the dangers associated with and how teens and parents need to be aware of the potential threats found on this social networking site and others like it.Audience members told of their experiences on myspace. Posey — the Wellington-based ‘Cyber Crime Fighter’ — and other experts talked about the risks involved when teens give out too much information in online profiles and how there can be some serious consequences associated with conversing with others on the Web.While taping the last two segments of the Montel Williams Show this week, the topic started to take on a whole new focus.Montel Williams began talking with Julie Posey about the fact she found her birth son on last summer.
Posey said with the same skills used to identify bad guys online, she was able to find a good guy.While cameras were focused on her, she told Montel she had never met her birth son and had only exchanged e-mails and instant messages over the past few months.Posey said when she was a young teen she had to make the difficult decision to place her son up for adoption and had not seen him since she left the hospital shortly after his birth.The mother and daughter hardly knew what to think when all of a sudden, the talk show host announced that Posey’s 24 year-old birth son was in the studioPosey said the audience applauded as he was welcomed to the set. The show had flown him from Des Moines to meet his birth mother and surprise her.“When I saw him enter from back stage, I was suddenly overcome by emotion,” Posey said. “There were no words that came to mind as I stood there and hugged the man I hadn't seen since 1982 as tight as I possibly could.”Posey’s daughter was excited about being able to hug her half-brother after she learned her mother had found him.“I've always known that somewhere I had a brother and always hoped that one day I’d meet him,” Kristyn Posey said. “It’s great to see him finally.”Posey said when she saw her birth son, who she recognized from pictures he had sent her on the Internet, she forgot all about being on camera and it didn’t matter to her that her story would soon be on national television.“I've already shared the story of grief and loss with the world when I wrote my book, ‘My Life as a Cyber Crime Fighter,’ so it’s only fitting that I share my emotional reunion with the world too,” Posey said.The Montel Williams show will air in a few weeks, Posey said.

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