Monday, July 16, 2007


Two updates have come out about Allison Quets. She is doing fine by the way. She and I are in contact with each other. She is a very intelligent woman. To be honest after looking over her case, I think something really stinks in Florida. It is Jeanne Tate, Michael Shorstein, and Patricia Stowbridge. These attorney's view of adoptees is product. Someone has overheard them discussing babies as product. THIS IS A BUYER BEWARE FOR ANYONE DEALING WITH THESE FOLKS. THEY ARE MEAN, DIRTY AND DESPICABLE.

The two articles of importance to her story are here and here. These were just put out. Hopefully everyone can sign the petition for her. Maybe they will get the Appellant court to give them an opinion.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how WRAL, which has been anti-Allison throughout the court battles, posts a mug shot. And the News Observer, which has been generally supportive, even unbiased at times, presents the two sides of the case. But neither has their comments on for the stories. I so want to post something. :)

Thanks for the ongoing updates, Amy.

Anonymous said...

Florida is terrible with adoption laws. One of the worst.