Friday, September 28, 2007


Wild dreams started my day. I remember hearing these words. All adoptees and natural mothers want from our society is to validate our experiences. We need validation from our families. So this is how I started my day.

I took my kids to school as always. I filled up my gas tank and head to Vernon, Texas. I don't visit Vernon all that much even though the office of the W.T. Waggoner are headquartered there. There is this fabulous taco/burrito place. Very hole in the wallish. Its called Taquieria Jalisco. I treated myself to an awesome burrito. It was a steak/bean/sour cream/ cheese/ cilantro and onions. I didn't care that it was 8:30 am.

I decided to visit my dearest friend, Sarahrae. She is the most vibrant, strong, funny, beautiful red headed woman. I hadn't seen her in a month or two. Last time was right before my return to work. Sadly I learned her father past away. He fought for seven years to gain custody of her. Its a long story and when she is ready I will tell the story here. Her father decided to donate his organs. She received a letter from the company along with a green ribbon pin. Interestingly enough, a green ribbon represents organ donation but also adoptee rights. Somewhere in there is a snarky comment but I can't even begin to imagine the words to say. In a moment of silence, please dear Lord welcome a very giving loving father into your arms.

I come home after grocery shopping to take my hubby to his appointment. I hear about his day. His day surrounds the horse of steel, Gino. There is this one cow that all the cowboys have learned to keep an eye. Well, she was in the pens. She set her sights on Gino and my hubby. She charged after them a couple of times. Then came her turn to be moved into the alley. Well she was having none of it. She stood in the alley and wouldn't budge. She bobbed her head a few times. As Gino and hubby come trotting down the alley, she charges head first into Gino's chest. Gino is a 13 year old grey horse. He stood there and watched. He must have bowed his chest just as she hit his chest. The wench stopped and fell sideways. After a moment of kicking, she died. The evil cow broke her neck on his chest. Now this is a story that no one would ever believe unless they saw it. Only in a million years and only my husband and our horses. All of the cowboys sat there in stunned hysteria. All of them laughing so hard. Never in a million years did we ever think we had a horse of steel. Gino is probably a little bruised but he is fine. The cow is well off to chase angelic cowboys and their horses in the afterlife. After the saddle was removed, he went down to the tank to cover himself in red mud. His dream to become a sorrel colored horse.

Our notable mentions. Of course, Ms. Jenna is mentioned in one of her state's newspapers. Another poetic writer and fellow blogger, Jane Jeong Trenka, was in this newspaper. So check these out. Kudos for making adoption real.

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