Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This came upon my radar earlier today. I can't believe it either. This guy was one of my favorites. His music got to me. Now he is the NCFA's Celebrity spokesperson.

Found this on the CMT website.

Rodney Atkins has been named the national celebrity spokesperson for the National Council for Adoption (NCFA), an advocacy organization. Atkins will share his story of being adopted and will perform a lunchtime set at the All National Parent Recruitment Summit on Oct. 3 in Washington D.C. "These children are the future of our nation and our families. It is important that we make sure they are taken care of," Adkins says


Anonymous said...

Parent Recruitment Day? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Ugh--we just can't get away from it!

MOL_Am_Ris said...

Wow, magnificent. Just magnificent.

Children are the future, so let's SCREW THEM UP!