Wednesday, November 07, 2007


As we all know in the adoption industry, the putative father is loosing ground big time especially in states like Utah. Agencies in other states refer mothers and adoptive parents to states like Utah and Florida.

We all know the stories. How many really do we have out there? Why is it just one agency that is violating the rights of fathers and even some mothers?

We have Cody O'Dea. He went head to head with this agency, LDS Family Services and their representative, Adam Barnes. Mr. Barnes even lied to Cody saying that there was not a putative father registry in the state of Wyoming. Cody knew better of course because he was already signed up on it. This agency then backed out. I believe but can't prove it that adoption agencies especially LDS Family Services network. They refer parents to agencies to circumvent the rights of the opposing parent. It is obvious that this happened in his case. Adoption Center of Choice became involved when the mother went to Utah. How did she know to go to that agency?

Everyone knows about Joseph and Brynden. The mother in Joseph' s case from the sounds of it went to Georgia and Florida. Somehow she got out to Utah. How I wonder? What about the mother in Brynden's case? She went from Indiana to Texas and then to Utah. Explain that. If she had stayed in Texas, Brynden would have his daughter. Who told her to go to Utah?

Just how many cases are out there for this agency alone? Check this out. I went to the Beyond Baby Tamia blog and found these cases. This is just what the author has collected. Read these links.

Eula McNulty.
Frank Osborne.
Victor Johnson.

There are many more that no one knows about. That no one hears about. Of course this being adoption awareness month, no one is going to listen to it.

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