Friday, November 09, 2007


So many times we, including myself, blast the prospective adoptive parents. I was trying to research adoption agencies. I found a website here in Texas that helps some but not quite all. It helps to know what agencies are ethical and not ethical. This website does that. As I look around at other states, I can't find anything similiar. So how are adoptive parents supposed to know these things? I don't think that they can. They have to fly by the seats of their pants.

Looking at the laws in both Texas and Indiana, I realize that the laws are not about adoptive parents, natural parents, or adoptees. The laws are written for the benefit of adoption agencies. Lord knows that they don't want any of us seeing their books, let alone seeing the light of day. WE are a market to them. We the adoptees are the product. The natural parents are the producers. The adoptive parents are the consumers.

In animal adoption, there are certain rules that every SPCA, every animal store, and others require adherence. Does child adoption have that? The more I read the more I realize that is not the case for those living adoption. I am actually reading more adoptive parent blogs. I am seeing them screaming for reform. Just check the links to the side. That is the tip of the iceberg.

With so many fathers fighting for the right to parent, I found this article. I notice there are three answering the questions. One is a pro choice activist. One works for an adoption agency. The last one represents father's wanting to parent. Two out of three feel that a woman should give the information to the father. One obviously doesn't.

Abortion is a separate issue from adoption. A woman must first choose to have sex. A woman must then decide whether or not to be pregnant. Then if a woman decides to be pregnant, then a woman must decide whether or not to parent. If she chooses adoption, then she must tell her partner. She must consider herself, the father and the child. She consider the rights of all three. She must remember that adoption severs all rights of those living adoption.


Mary said...

Amy, are some adoption agencies (I would think many would be) registered as non profits? Are those records public?
Great post again btw.

Anonymous said...

This. is brilliant.