Thursday, December 13, 2007


You may scare some of them but you don't scare me. You like lying to the fathers don't you?
You have Cody O'Dea that did register on the Wyoming Putative Father Registry and you still deny him his child. Then you say something completely to Joshua Simmerson.
This will stay forever upon my blog. You will NEVER get me to take this down. Those children will know that their fathers wanted them.
As my friend, Ungrateful Little Bastard, has said to the adoptive parents of Evelyn Bennett, I repeat here:
And the people holding any other child where there is a contested adoptionAnd the people who post pictures and videos of their crying adoptees sans clothing on Youtube and online photo albumsAnd the people who send their agents out “scouring” for another baby girl when a referral failsAnd the people who are happy that their children were “abandoned” so they don’t have to deal with any "baby-mama-drama" from "Mommy Dearest" (who, by the way, moron, was an adoptive mother)Allow me to present:The Internet is a magical place where you can find whatever it is you're looking for. And no one knows how to use the internet better than teenagers. Teenagers loooooooove the internet. And one day, those children you kept from their parents and grandparents, or posted embarrassing pictures of, or second-choice-adopted via 'scouring' because your previous heart grown child was 'snatched' away from you before she was even in your house, will do what teenagers looooooooove to doYes, ego surfing, that fun pastime where you google your own name to see what tidbits are out there about you. Teenagers ego surf themselves. And what exactly will your kids find when they do?Happy trails to you.Of course, when your gift blows up at you over it, you can always blame it on bad genes after you take them to see a priest and pray about their bad behavior. It's a great adopto fallback position.Oh sure you can delete your blog or forum posts, you can pull your pictures, but there's this great thing called that's keeping a copy of it for you nice and safe, just in case you deleted it by accident.But what if you never posted anything? Don't fear! The chosen child will have plenty of other places to read about you or themselves online.And the fun thing is, that's just what's available now. Just think of what will be available via the Google cache or of the future. There are a few limitations to web archiving right now. But thankfully there are people much smarter than me working ways around them.The internet is just another tool that keeps adoption truly the gift that keeps on giving.I'm so angry. The abuses never stop.And I'm sick, I'm soul sick. I had always had a sickening suspicion that Stephanie Bennett had been sexually abused. And god, sometimes I so hate to be right. It's just abuse after abuse for Stephanie. God, she's in the same grade as my youngest stepdaughter. I'm pretty sure I'm the age as Stephanie's mom. This could happen to any of our families.Like Rashad's.Or Jonelle's.Or Tamia'sOr Cody's.Or Allison's.Or Adam's.Who will be the next news story? Because you know there will be one. As long as there is arrogance and entitlement, as long as young mothers are treated as disposable breeders, as long as the emotional health of children is secondary to the profits made from selling babies, keep a blog post reserved for the next blitz, for the next Stephanie. Because you know it's coming.But at least these kids will have someone my generation never did. They'll have the internet standing as permanent witness to the abuses inflicted upon their parents by the agencies who profited off them and the people who kept them. They'll have the truth.You know what though, because yet again another adoptee will be hurt, because yet again another adoptee will feel betrayed by the parents who raised them, nothing in me is happy at that.


I will one of them guiding them to their families.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Thank you Amy. My family discussed this case at Thankgiving. Anyone who has a son could have a grandchild out there that they don't know about, because of the way these agencies work. Or anyone who has a daughter could be caught into this. My husband made a good point that when you hear about a contested adoption, imagine the infant in question is your own grandchild or niece or nephew. I don't feel enough news stories do that.

Mary said...

Great post Amy. I like your new layout too.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Amy, will be out there guiding them all back to their families. Some of the adoptees may applaud you for dong that...but others may hate you forever for "helping" them to find the "families" that they were born to that not only did not want them or only wanted them back so that they could keep control of what was theirs. Their property...their child or grandchild to abuse and to neglect...just because they couldn't deal with the fact that "their" child would have a much better life with families that loved them for who they are. Families who chose to love them because they wanted to love them..not because they had to love them or had to take care of them because of whom they were born to. Think carefully of how many lives you are willing to screw up just to get revenge for something you did to yourself, at one time.

Amyadoptee said...

Are you a friend of the adopters of Evelyn Bennett? Yes I know how you got here. The powers that be in my world shall and will know.